• Larry Jordan

    doddleREVIEWS: SpeedScriber from Digital Heaven

    By Larry Jordan SpeedScriber provides automatic speech-to-text transcripts for audio files using the power of machine learning and the Internet. I’ve been skeptical of automatic transcription – and still am, for that matter – when [...]
  • Filmmaking

    The Biggest News from CES (That No One is Talking About)

    I By Larry Jordan (Commentary) Mark Harrison is the Managing Director of DPP (Digital Production Partnership), a UK-based organization dedicated to helping media producers and organizations understand and handle the onslaught of technological change in [...]
  • Filmmaking

    CES 2019: The Final Day and Best in Show

    The last day of CES has come and I’ve finally found Razer’s contributions to this year’s confab, as well as getting a look at AMD’s Radeon VII 7nm graphics card. Also, we announce our annual [...]
  • Larry Jordan

    The Buzz Podcast – LIVE PRODUCTION

    by Larry Jordan Live production and streaming have never been easier – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. This week on the Buzz, we talk with the experts about the current state of live production [...]

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