• Movie and TV News

    Happy Birthday Luke Skywalker

    (Editor’s note: This was one our most popular stories, and since it’s Mark Hamill’s birthday, we wanted to share it with you!) By Brock Cooper (doddleNEWS) Mark Hamill was only 25 when he swung his [...]
  • Filmmaking

    RED is Developing Hydrogen 2 Smartphone

    Undeterred by several delays and the lackluster reception of their innovative Hydrogen One smartphone system, RED’s Jim Jannard has announced the development of the second generation Android device with a redesigned camera module and an [...]
  • Filmmaking

    RED Caught Up in MiniMag Controversy

    Hard drive sizes. It’s a strange mix of actual storage space and traditional marketing.That’s usually because they do some fancy math to state that a drive has a capacity of, say 512GB, which they arrive [...]