Doddle is a leading online resource for filmmakers, covering news, reviews and tutorials for the video and film industry, along with movie and TV news. Doddle also offers tools for filmmakers with their official iPhone App, Filmmaker Directory, Premium Listings, and Digital Call Sheets.

 Doddle is, first and foremost, a portal into the broadcast, video and film industries.  Industry insiders rely on Doddle to find talent, locations and services for their productions. Thalo exposes new sources of a creative talent— including designers, writers, photographers, and musicians to name a few —to Doddle. In turn, Doddle leads to new job opportunities for these talented member artists. Through DoddlePro, industry professionals effectively manage their large-scale projects using a dynamic crew management platform that includes call sheet creation and distribution.




The Digital Production Buzz is a member of Thalo Arts, a world-wide community of artists, filmmakers and story-tellers. Thalo Arts is a family of creative websites, newsletters, social media and podcasts exclusively focused on the creative community.


Whether you are seeking to improve your skills, discover the latest in technology, network to find a better job, or market your projects into the global market, Thalo Arts can help.


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