AddMotion Plugin For Final Cut Pro X On Sale

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 1.38.13 PMBy Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

OSM AddMotion for Final Cut Pro X is a great utility for creating animated stills, graphics, and text all without keyframes. The utility works simply by adding an effect to a still graphic and then changing the parameters.

Available exclusively from FxFactory for $49, it’s currently on sale for $29 which is just about 40% off. There’s also a trial version available if you just want to test it and you can find the plugin here.

AddMotion has three primary effects known as Move, Pop, and Swing. Here’s a breakdown on how they work:

Move – Begin by setting the position point for A and B anywhere on the screen. You can set the duration of the effect in the parameters section as well as setting differnt set take-off and landing styles. You can also lock the path horizontally or vertically as well as change the depth position to create a fly-in reveal effect.

Pop – While you could use the depth position in the Move effect to make an object pop into frame, AddMotion also comes with a pop effect. Start by scaling, positioning, and rotating the object. Then you can pop it to and from itself, the center of the screen, or anywhere else on or off screen as well as set the duration.

Swing – First, set an anchor point as a hinge point and the distance between it and the swinging object. Then pull back on the anchor handle and set the angle you want to swing it on. You can also center the anchor on the object to create a tumble look or below for a spring up effect. You can set different speeds, types, durations, and overshoots.

All of the effects attributes can be copy/pasted onto other stills, graphics, and text. AddMotion also includes 3D text in the package, so you can use pop, move, or swing with them.

Along with the three basic motions, AddMotion also allows you to give the objects in motion either a blur or a color trail. There’s also an adjustment layer that allows you to apply a single effect to multiple objects making the task of animating even faster.

Check out the demo for AddMotion and a tutorial:

AddMotion is a great utility for saving time and energy when you need to create a simple animation. You can buy it now for a limited time at its reduced price of $29 at FxFactory here.

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