Adobe Announces Insta360 Virtual Reality Plugin for Premiere Pro

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Insta360 hit the virtual reality/360 video market by storm about two years ago, with not only their 360° cameras, but especially one model that can slide into your iPhone’s lightning port and turn it into a VR powerhouse.  With all that content now starting to flow out from the average user, Insta360 has partnered up with Adobe to create a plugin that promises to streamline the post production 360 workflows.
“We’re thrilled that Adobe’s flagship video software is now ready to stitch, edit and polish content captured by the industry-leading Insta360 Pro,” says Adobe’s head of partner relations for pro video, Sue Skidmore
The Insta360 Pro extension will not only enable users to automatically import footage from their 360° camera, but will also give users the ability to ripple edit across all camera footage without the need to stitch the footage together. This way, users can wait until after they’ve cut together a clip via proxy, and then when ready to output, they can then focus on aligning and stitching the 360° footage together, so it only gets done once. This will save a huge amount of time in post productions, fiddling with the aligning as you make individual cuts in order to keep the 360° image as natural looking as possible, and without worrying about over compressing the footage.  Moreover, the plugin will handle all the stitching with Insta360’s own software stitcher, so there’s no worry about compatibility issues.
The plugin will be free from Insta360 and will be available later this quarter.
In other 360° news, Samsung is giving virtual reality and 360° video filmmakers the opportunity to create episodic VR content as part of they’re new “Pilot Season” initiative.  The initiative was announced this year at the annual Tribecca Film Festival in New York City. The festival has been increasingly offering 360°/Virtual reality content, and the ongoing, episodic nature of “Pilot Season” indicates that Samsung has long term plans for the genre.
Those who apply for the program will have a chance to be selected for a grant to crate original episodes in virtual reality and will be offered the opportunity to shoot with Samsung’s latest 360° Round Camera, which has been designed for live streaming of high resolution 3D content.  Consequently, the selected projects will also be distributed expcuslively through Samsung’s VR Video streaming service.
For the first round of Pilot Season, Samsung announced the following series:

&Design”: An original episodic series about design that will change the way we look at the world. The series presents design at its intersection with science, technology and anthropology, weaving an array of items that link each episode by a universally humanistic theme.

Bro Bots”:  A scripted sci-fi comedy series in VR, set in a New York City of the future. In the not-so-distant future… robots are everywhere. They talk like us. They walk like us. And they have really big personalities.

The Interpretation of Dreams” Based on Sigmund Freud’s seminal work The Interpretation of Dreams, this series re-imagines each of Freud’s original case studies — “the Ratman”, “Dora”, “Anna O”, “Irma’s Injection” — as visually luxurious, psychologically complex, and emotionally haunting immersive VR dreamscapes.

Lightcatcher” It’s the year 2150, the Earth is at a crossroads and mankind must decide whether to stay and make things better, or leave and find a new home. Five adventurers  travel through unique environments—enduring hardships and triumphs in the new world. Lightcatcher is a young adult adventure saga that brings you on a journey combining elements of adventure, romance and sci-fi.

Sam’s Surreal Gems” Set in a collection of real world locations, Sam’s Surreal Gems is interesting because each episode will happen in a single uninterrupted take lasting no more than 2-3 minutes.

Voyages – Pilot”  A virtual reality animation that takes you on an epic journey from birth to death. Comprised of six distinct movements, “Voyages – Pilot” guides you through the emotional arc of an entire life. Experience what it feels like to be born, to grow up, to grow old, and to eventually die.

You can view them on the Samsung VR Video Channel here. Users can also sign up at the Samsung Creator Portal here.

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