Adobe Announces Photoshop for Chrome OS Pilot Program

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

One thing that has given me pause about buying a Chromebook has been that it’s just a browser, and you’re more or less at Google’s mercy for what app plugins they will provide to give you what you need to get done. Sure, Google Docs can get you a long way with spreadsheets, word processing, and other features, then there’s the internet capability, but what about actual applications?

Well, they’re growing, and this week Adobe announced they were porting some Creative Cloud apps, starting with Photoshop, over to Chrome so you can do some heavy duty photo editing. Could Premiere be next? Not right away, but this is a huge development.

 Today, in partnership with Adobe, we’re welcoming Creative Cloud onto Chromebooks, initially with a streaming version of Photoshop.   With Project Photoshop Streaming, we are experimenting with ways to provide additional access our products that are hardware independent—in other words, the ability to access our products from any device without having to download and install. This will be available first to U.S.-based Adobe education customers with a paid Creative Cloud membership—so the Photoshop you know and love is now on Chrome OS. No muss, no fuss. – Google

Well, there it is in black and white. Adobe is bringing Creative Cloud to the Chrome OS, and they’re starting with Photoshop. It’s been fully integrated with Google Drive, so all works can be saved to your Google account with no uploading or downloading required in order to work on your photos. And it really does show how mature and powerful the Chromebook line has become.

No longer tied to incorporating a Windows OS that pads the price tag of your computer, the Chromebooks are extremely low cost at between $200-350. And it usually comes with 100GB of storage on Google Drive, more than enough to store your images to edit on Photoshop. And it has a great power wash feature that allows you to essentially clean out any suspect code and start over. Users can also work in separate accounts or in a supervised mode, making them excellent educational options.

Project Photoshop Streaming enables selected participants to access Photoshop on Chromebooks. Applications delivered via streaming are easy to access and easy to manage. Even better, streaming apps work directly with files in Google Drive, so no need to download and re-upload files – just edit directly in the cloud.

The Streaming version of Photoshop comes with the following features:

Project Photoshop Streaming includes:

  • Creative tools: Streaming access to Photoshop with other products coming soon
  • Access from any Windows device with a Chrome browser or from a Chromebook
  • Learning tools: Access to Adobe Education Exchange learning content and an in-app Learning panel called ‘Learn Now’
  • Project Photoshop Streaming Feedback and Forum support

But because it’s not running on a GPU, some advanced OpenGL features aren’t yet available, but Adobe is working to bring these features online as the program advances. And currently, you can’t scan or print either. For a list of features that aren’t supported right now, check this list.

Project Photoshop Streaming will be an exclusive program to start, and users must apply for access. To be eligible for the  program, you must reside in North America, be at least 13 years of age, and a qualified Creative Cloud education member with an active Cloud membership. And you must also be either a student in an accredited college or university, or primary or secondary school. Even Home Schoolers can quality. And educators are also eligible. Once you apply it takes 3-4 weeks for Adobe to approve you.

For more information, visit Adobe’s Education Exchange website here.


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