Adobe Creative Cloud Opens New Social Publishing Panel Beta

creativecloud_wallpaper_2560x1600By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Anyone who publishes video to multiple video platforms knows it is a bit of a pain in the rear. Rendering video with the proper codecs, dealing with metadata, keeping an eye on analytics afterwards is a huge issue.

Adobe is trying to ease your pain with a new beta panel specifically for publishing to social media. This is a way for you to streamline your publishing workflow, allowing you optimize your videos for each individual social media platform’s requirements and then tracking their performance. Adobe has released this video introducing the new social publishing panel. [Update: Video was set to private for some reason. We’ll re-publish soon.]

The new panel is only available for pre-release to current paying Creative Cloud members. Click here to apply for the Adobe Creative Cloud social publishing panel beta program and here are the major features of the panel:

Rendition Management

This allows you to create multiple versions of a single piece of content and group them together. That way you can create shorter versions of, for example, your YouTube video for Facebook and Twitter without considering them as separate videos.

Cross-Platform Social Publishing

Each social media platform has different optimized video requirements but the new panel will take the guesswork out of that. You can easily select export presets, enter in metadata and tags all from within Premiere Pro CC.

Strategic Recommendations for Peak Performance

The new analytics portion will use some form of machine learning to analyze your statistics over time. It will create personalized recommendations concerning keyword tags, posting time, and the viewing patterns of your audience.

Keyword Presets

This will save you a ton of time from writing and rewriting the same tags you attach to your videos. You’ll be able to attach all your common set of tags at the click of a button.

Cross-Platform Performance Tracking

This goes back to rendition management. By grouping certain videos together you can view their performance across multiple social media backgrounds all in one place.

Custom Thumbnail

Thumbnails are actually very important! I know everyone has been told not to judge a book by its cover but everyone does anyway. The social publishing panel will allow you to easily choose a frame from your video to act as a thumbnail or to import a custom graphic.

Content Scheduling

As a huge fan of scheduling content this feature is a wonderful addition. With this feature you can simultaneously release your video across multiple platforms or stagger them to go up at different times. This will definitely come in handy as soon as you get great analytic data from the panel as to where your audience is and when.

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