Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Defective Late-2013 Mac Pro Models

The late 2013 Mac Pro
The late 2013 Mac Pro

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Apple’s high concept, super powerful, and very expensive Mac Pro (affectionately known as the “Trashcan“) has a kind of love hate relationship with users. Some love it because it has high performance hardware and a radical cooling design that keeps the Mac Pro ultra quiet. On the other hand, some complain that Apple hasn’t cared enough to update the line since late 2013. But there’s a new class action lawsuit brewing that says that the Mac Pro is worthy of its nickname because of defects that prove that it simply doesn’t perform as advertised.

“These defects are especially troublesome for creative professionals who rely on the stability of these computers for their livelihood,” – Class Action Lawsuit filed in LA Superior Court

The lawsuit was filed by Doug Kaplan, a user who has bought three of the company’s Mac Pro Computers, which debuted in 2013. Kaplan alleges screen malfunctions, processing defects and system failures cause the Mac Pros to perform poorly that he can’t rely on the machine from day to day.

Kaplan says that at a cost of $5,000-10,000, the high end professional machines don’t work as advertised and violate U.S. Unfair Competition laws. He he wants unspecified damages and a court to issue an injunction prohibiting Apple from selling and distributing the machines until they’re fixed.

The main cause of the malfunctions, according to the lawsuit, seems to be centered on the Graphics processor units and RAM memory. The MacPro uses dual AMD FirePro graphics cards and they can push out a lot of heat. The central core design of the computer has only one fan which pushes air up through the center of the machine from the bottom, so you have to keep that entire area free from obstruction to let the air flow properly and keep the machine cool.  When any computer overheats, the graphics cards can begin to fail and the computer becomes unstable. But the lawsuit isn’t clear about if this is a contributing factor.

“The current Mac Pro came out on December 19th, 2013, meaning that programmers and video professionals who need a high-performing Mac and buy one today will only have a couple years’ use before it becomes what Apple SVP Phil Schiller describes as a “really sad” five-year-old PC.” – The Verge

But Kaplan’s lawsuit isn’t aimed at AMD as a fellow defendant. Only at Apple. Kaplan has complained about having to deal with the Mac Pro malfunctions for over a year, with no help from Apple to fix the problem. Cupertino is also starting to receive blow back for not updating the MacPro in over 1,000 days since its 2013 release (remember the big deal about ‘not innovating my @$$’ back in June 2013). Apple is rumored to be readying another event for later this year, before the holiday shopping season, which could have a updated laptops and desktops running the new macOS Sierra operating system, but there’s no word on if the Mac Pro will be one of them.

This is the fourth high profile class action lawsuit filed against Apple this year. According to Mac Rumors, Apple is being sued over offering refurbished iPhones as replacements under their AppleCare+ service contract, a lawsuit over a design defect that is causing unresponsive touch screens in the iPhone 6, and a lawsuit earlier this year over a so called “error 53” which causes the iPhone 6 to become “bricked” after a third-party repair of the phone,” which can disable the Touch ID. Apple has since corrected that problem in the software and the lawsuit was dismissed in the company’s favor.

Oh the joys of running a tech company.

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