Apple Fixes Bug in Final Cut Pro X Editing Timeline

By Larry Jordan (doddleNEWS)

Apple updated Final Cut Pro X to version 10.4.2 last week. This is an important update because it fixed a very nasty bug in 10.4.1 that would randomly select and/or deleteclips in the timeline. The problem is that this update requires macOS High Sierra (10.13.x), while FCP X 10.4.1 did not. (The update is free and available in the Mac App Store.)

While 10.4.1 fixed dozens of bugs in FCP X 10.4, and would normally be worth the update, this random selection bug is a reason to avoid this version. So, if you have 10.4.0 and you don’t want to update your OS to High Sierra, then stay with 10.4.0. If you have 10.4.1 I recommend you update to 10.4.2 and High Sierra.

Or, you can create a dual boot disk to run those apps that don’t work on High Sierra with a second partition for High Sierra and FCP X 10.4.2. Here’s how to create a dual boot disk. (The interface has changed a bit, but the basic operation is the same.)

Thinking of software problems, the last several versions of Apple Compressor seem unable to create an MP4 file that can be opened in QuickTime Player 7. The same files can be opened easily in QuickTime Player X. However, Adobe Media Encoder creates files that can be opened in both programs with no problems. If you are creating MP4 files in Compressor, be sure to test them in both Players to see if they work.

For the last several months, I’m doing all my MP4 compression in Media Encoder while Apple figures out how to get Compressor working properly. (By the way, Compressor handles QuickTime movies perfectly.)

Edit well.

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