Apple Motion 5 – 101: Lesson 16 – Path Text Pt. 1

By Kevin P. McAuliffe (doddleNEWS)

In our last lesson, in our look at Apple Motion 5, we talked about the Appearance Tab, in the Inspector, when have have text selected. In this lesson, we’re going to move onto the Layout tab, and talk about putting you new text, onto a Path to animate it.

You’ll notice about ⅔ of the way down the layout tab is a greyed out section for “Path Options.” Most people start to get really ticked off, when they can’t figure out why, even after drawing paths in their Canvas, does this window not become adjustable.


Well, it’s because we haven’t told Motion 5 that we want to utilize this text on a path. That’s actually done in the very first window, The Layout Controls. Here we can select either Type, Paragraph, Path, Scroll or Crawl. In our case, we want to select, simply Path.  


Once you do, the “Path Options” section becomes active, and now we can put our text on a path. Motion 5 does things a little differently then After Effects, and if you don’t know how to set your Paths up properly, you’ll be heading for a world of frustration.

The first five options in the “Path Shape” drop down (open spline, closed spline, circle, rectangle, wave), will create you pre-defined shapes for you to work with. Once selected, to see the shapes, simply select your text with the selection tool, by double clicking on it in the canvas.  

To create your own stylized paths, well we’ll save that for the next lesson.

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