Apple Streaming Service Delayed until 2020

With the growing success of streaming services, everyone is getting into the game. But the one name we thought would be streaming by now is going to be delayed. The global roll out for the service was expected this year to over 100 countries, but now it looks like Apple’s free streaming service won’t be here until 2020.

Apple got its feet wet in the streaming game through iTunes with Carpool Karaoke, and All About the Apps, a  SharkTank like series. They must’ve liked the response to them, because shortly thereafter, Apple was linking up high profile talent to bring original programming to their free streaming service, which was supposed to launch this year. Names like  Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Ronald D. Moore, Francis Lawrence, Jon M. Chu and Damien Chazelle, all have deals with Cupertino to provide content.

But now it seems that many of those creators aren’t thrilled with how Apple is setting up their streaming service to compete with Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and Amazon. Aiming for the family market, Apple has been rumored to have laid down the law that TV series would have to steer clear of any controversial issues, including sex, political commentary, or even action oriented violence.  It is also believed that Apple wants a positive view of technology in every series.

Moreover, creators are balking at Apple’s intrusive attitudes, chiefly on the part of CEO Tim Cook. The complaints are that Cook and other Apple executives are micro managing the development process, and could be due to the business goals they have established for this free streaming service.

Apple wants to use the service as a gateway to get the audience to buy more Apple products in order to enjoy the next “Stranger Things” or “Game of Thrones.” Whatever those programs will be. But how can you have the next Game of Thrones, when you’ve banished most of the themes that have made Thrones so iconic?

“Tim Cook is giving notes and getting involved,” said one unnamed producer. “They are making big changes, firing and hiring new writers. There’s a lack of clarity on what they want.  A lot of the product is not as good as they hoped it to be.”

Well, of course it wouldn’t be. If you’re obsessing over making sure the content is vanilla, everything is going to end up rather “one note.” Analysts says, however, that this is just the standard growing pains that comes with a service launch like this. Netflix and Amazon also had similar issues at the beginning, which largely came down to Silicon Valley and Cupertino speaking two different languages.

However, Apple is investing over one billion in original programming to hit the ground running when the service goes online, and with that kind of investment, you’d think they would want to cast the widest possible entertainment net to get viewers on board, especially if they expect them to buy overpriced technology to do so.

Hat Tip – NY Post

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