ARRI Adds New ALEXA To Their Extended Family

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

This week in Munich, Germany, ARRI announced a new member to the ALEXA family with the new Super Xtended Technology (SXT) line of digital cinema cameras. The new line of cameras are completely 4K-centric, with in-camera Pro Res operating at the heart of the system.

“ARRI has introduced the ALEXA Super Xtended Technology (SXT) Camera line, which represents the next step in the continuing evolution of the Alexa family … and will offer ProRes 4K recording, improved image quality, color management tools and three fully independent HD-SDI outputs.” – ARRI Press Release

Based on ARRI’s dominant ALEXA design, the SXT grade cameras offer significant improvements in image quality, color management, and the use of multiple HD-SDI outputs. The secret sauce to get it done comes from reworking the signal coming from the same 3.4K Alev III sensor, and then washing it through some of the same electronics found in ARRI’s 65mm camera, plus the next generation of FPGA processors. The result is in-camera recording with ProRes 4K resolutions from 3840 x 2160 to 4096 x 2637, for ProRes Cine, that allow the SXT is able to turn the resolution up to eleven.

In addition, thanks to lessons learned by employing OpenGate technology on the ARRI ALEXA XT, the SXT will also use the same technology and offer both 4:3 and 16:9 sensor modes which can be recorded in ARRIRAW or Apple ProRes. Output wise, the ALEXA SXT comes with three, fully independent HD-SDI outputs for Log C and Rec 709 recording along with metadata transmission overlayed to the camera’s onboard video monitor.

And here’s the cool part: ARRI plans to offer upgrade packages to replace current models in the ALEXA line, including the ALEXA XT, though the XT-M won’t be upgradable, and the Classic EV will remain in the lineup (users will have the option, however, of upgrade their EV, as well). The upgrades will be planned for release later this summer, and the first shipment of SXT cameras that began shipping this year will be eligible for the full SXT upgrade, free of charge.

So what do you guys think? Is this ARRI’s answer to the RED WEAPON?


Press Release:

Arri extends Alexa line with SXT family


MUNICH, GERMANY – Arri ( has introduced the Alexa Super Xtended Technology (SXT) camera line, which represent the next step in the continuing evolution of the Alexa family. The SXT cameras are based on the popular Alexa, but also offer ProRes 4K recording, improved image quality, color management tools and three fully independent HD-SDI outputs.
With in-camera recording of ProRes 4K UHD (3840×2160 pixels) and ProRes 4K Cine (4096×2637 pixels), SXT cameras are well suited for productions that need 4K UHD TV or 4K DCI cinema deliverables. The new models keep the 3.4K ALEV III sensor of previous Alexas and add electronics from Arri’s Alexa 65 camera. These electronics combine the latest generation of FPGA processors with a fast internal backplane and form the basis of a completely-overhauled image processing chain, advanced pixel correction and optional noise reduction. Like the XT models, the SXT cameras retain the Open Gate, 4:3 and 16:9 sensor modes, which can be recorded in ArriRaw or ProRes.
The three fully independent HD-SDI outputs allows for a Log C image to shown to the director, a clean Rec 709 image to be fed to a video village, and a Rec 709 image with status information overlays to be displayed on the camera’s on-board monitor.
The first SXT cameras are planned for release around mid-2015. The range will consist of the SXT EV, SXT Plus and SXT Studio models, replacing current Alexa XT cameras (though the Classic EV model will remain in the line-up). Alexa XT cameras (except XT M cameras) shipped between January 1, 2015 the first shipment of SXT cameras will be eligible for a full SXT upgrade, free of charge.

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