ARRI Updates ALEXA LF Firmware with Anamorphic Support

ARRI has announced the release of Software Update Package LF SUP 4 and it brings several improvements to the large format ALEXA LF, including support for shooting Anamorphic widescreen, improved pixel correction, and several bug fixes users were wanting. But there’s a few more. But users can’t just download and install it.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the new features and fixes with LF SUP 4:


  • New anamorphic de-squeeze factors
  • LBUS support
    • The LCS to LBUS cable (K2.0007318) allows use of ARRI LBUS accessories
    • Including cforce mini motors, Operator Control Unit OCU-1 with override, Master Grips, LCUBEs and others
  • EXT Sync (sensor sync and settings sync)
    • Like in the Super 35 ALEXA cameras, it is now possible to precisely synchronize the sensors and the settings of two ALEXA LF cameras for 3D shooting or other applications that require a tight synchronization of the sensors.
  • Separate MAGNIFY values for each sensor mode
  • Project frame rate changes sensor and SDI frame rates
  • “False colour mode” menu item moved up
    • Moved up to be immediately visible without scrolling.
    • This is because it is important to be able to quickly look up if the false colour mode is set to “Mon.-based” or “Log C-based”
  • Improved dynamic defect pixel correction
    • ALEXA LF with LF SUP 4.0 now uses the same sophisticated dynamic defect pixel correction algorithm as the ALEXA Mini and AMIRA.
  • Timecode User Bits setting disabled


On wrinkle though, is that if your ARRI ALEXA LF hasn’t undergone the 3.0 Software and Hardware upgrade, ARRI will need to swap out the ACDA3 board for an ACDA4, before you can install the firmware. It’s a free service from ARRI, so make sure you make an appointment with ARRI Support to perform the upgrade, and then you can download LF SUP 4 and install it. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the ARRI tech updated it for you while you have it in the shop.

The upgrade comes with several new features and improvements including:

    • Support for Electronic Viewfinder EVF-2
    • Support for SxS PRO+ 256 GB cards
    • Support for battery adapters BAB-HG & BAB-HV
    • Six ZOOM positions for EVF-1/2 & MON OUT
    • Simplified global anamorphic de-squeeze
    • Monitor identification
    • New ARRI Wireless Video System software which improves the reliability and signal robustness of the camera’s integrated wireless video transmitter
    • Hardware patches to improve sensor cooling, wireless video range and general system stability
    • Shimming of FSND filter frames

But the good news is that if you’ve undergone the ALEXA LF 3.0 Software and Hardware upgrade, you’re good to go to update.

The free ALEXA LF Software Update Package LF SUP 4.0 can be downloaded from the DOWNLOADS section on the ARRI Large Format site here. No registration is required. To install, either copy onto an SD card and then run the upgrade utility on your camera, or do so from a computer using your ALEXA Ethernet Cable.


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