Atomos Updates Flame Series Monitor Recorder Firmware

6f7f325422aed3822cba90f577abcf28_XLBy James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Atomos has added new features to its top-of-the-line Flame 4K Monitor Recorders, which brings amongst other things addition HDR support for recording in LOG.

“HDR is simply amazing, it’s the next revolution for filmmaking, once again Atomos are first with the technical solution to make it quicker, easier and more affordable for filmmakers. Anyone that sees HDR, from content creators to consumers are immediately sold, more life like shots and real world detail. Our job is to open up HDR to all filmmakers by removing the technical and affordability hurdles that might slow its progress.” – Atomos CEO and Co-Founder Jeromy Young

AtomosFlameAlready HDR workhorses, the 7-inch Atomos Ninja and Shogun Flame recorders are able to capture in Rec709 for HDR, as well as 4K/HD Apple ProRes and AVID DNvHR codecs.  In the field, the Flame makes it easy to see in bright ambient light thank to a monitor brightness of over 1500 nits. But with its ability to record in 10 stops of dynamic range with 10 bit color, the Flame is Atomos’ top HDR field recorder.

Now with the new firmware upgrade, Atomos is giving cinematographers the ability to fine tune their HDR setups to make it more consistent across the entire color and light spectrum. Calling AtomOS vs. 7.1 a huge upgrade, the company is adding a simple to use HDR slider control to adjust the recorder’s dynamic range to the displayed picture.

This will enable cinematographers to dial in their HDR color gamut according to the lightning conditions and overall planned look of their feature, and do it on the fly.  This also enables users to color match camera to monitor in order to keep everything consistent.

In addition, the Flame’s waveform display reacts to the slider control in real time, so that users can seen peak luminance levels.  Atomos is also adding some new software which provides support for Dolby’s Perceptual Quantizer control. When using PQ and then outputting it to a viewing monitor, the Flame will now be able to display the PQ values consistently so that everyone sees the same dynamic range values. And it works no matter what HDR standard you prefer, be it Rec 709 or the competing HDR 10.

Other features include:

  1. Added HDR support for log video from JVC and RED cameras.
  2. Improved accuracy for the color gamut.
  3. PQ input can now be selected for AtomHDR monitoring and grading from NLEs with ST2084 output.
  4. PQ output has been added for playout to HDR monitors and televisions.
  5. Improvements to accuracy and resolution in blacks when using AtomHDR mode.
  6. A visual improvement has been made to the AtomHDR slider for easier access.
  7. While in AtomHDR mode, a simplified HDR waveform line has been added to easily set the correct slider position for the dynamic range of the scene.
  8. New options for AtomHDR include WFM Auto which automatically setting the HDR level for the current scene’s max brightness and WFM HDR which scales the WFM to view the HDR range to the full height of the WFM.
  9. The waveform monitor will now display a percentage scale based on the input log mode.
  10. Slow motion is now available in playback mode. Pausing video playback will automatically display the slider above playback controls and give you access to forward and reverse speed adjustments.
  11. From the Battery page, there is now the option to manually override battery selection, and give priority. This is designed to be used for the Atomos Power Station or other external power solutions.

In addition, Atomos has made a few housekeeping fixes including:

  1. Fixed an issue where some files exported from NLE’s did not play audio.
  2. Fixed an issue where waveform monitor graticules were not visible with some menus on the screen.

The AtomOS 7.1 Firmware is available for both the Shogun and Ninja Flame models, and can be downloaded now from the Atomos website.


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