Audio Network Introduces Playlists to their Premiere Pro Plugin

audionetworkBy Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Music is an important but often times overlooked aspect of film and video production. It can set the mood or tone of a scene, and it can give an editor a sense of pacing for whatever sequence he or she may be cutting. But composers can be expensive and take time and sometimes a project needs music fast.

Stock music has been around for a while, but the process has still been a bit stuck in the dark ages of the internet. You’d to open a browser, find a stock music site, and browse for something that would work. Fortunately, for the last little while, there’s been a bit of a revolution to this workflow in order to streamline it.

Take for example, Audio Network who work with composers, producers, and artists from around the world, and have over 120,000 pieces of music in their database. They have their catalog online, but also offer a Premiere Pro plugin which simplifies the process. Instead of having to search for music in your browser, you can do it straight from a panel directly within Premiere Pro.

Being able to do this from your NLE gives an editor some great benefits. The most useful being able to trial unlimited tracks via dragging and dropping it into your bin and timeline. Once an editor has chosen a particular piece of music, they can purchase a license and the track is instantly updated to the high quality version.

Audio Network has just refreshed their plugin, and introduced a brand new feature: The service now allows you to browse through their nine curated playlists from directly within Premiere Pro. This allows an editor to search through new content available in Audio Network in order to quickly find a piece of music even faster than ever before. Playlists are updated regularly, so you always know that you’ll be able to find something new and fresh to use.

The other great thing about Audio Network is their straightforward licensing agreement: They offer global licensing that is tailored to your specific project in perpetuity. These licenses cover all kinds of platforms, from traditional broadcasting to YouTube content.

Prices for music start as low as $9.99 per track and you can learn more about them on their website here. To download the Audio Network Premiere Pro plugin for free, click here.

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