BizonBOX 3: First Thunderbolt 3 GPU Expander For Your New MacBook Pro

bizonbox3By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Sometimes you just want more power. No matter how powerful your graphics card is on your MacBook Pro you just want some more juice to make that video render faster.

Enter the BizonBOX 3 which is a GPU expansion chassis that will be a godsend for heavy post-production users. It is the first — and currently only — expander to use Thunderbolt 3 which gives it the heads up for use on the new MacBook Pro Apple recently announced.

Devices like these have existed in the past, but they used Thunderbolt 2, which only gave 20 GB/s. That would be enough to help out with a render but it is still a significant bottleneck especially when you compare it to the 40 GB/s bandwidth of Thunderbolt 3. For older machines you could theoretically get a dongle but you would still lose a significant amount of speed.

The BizonBOX 3 is available now for $649 for the chassis only. It can accommodate full-length, full-height, and double-width graphics cards graphics cards up to 12.6″ in length and 5.51″ in height. You can also purchase it with an NVIDIA card right from Bizon but the chassis will support and AMD card if you prefer to buy that separately.

The BizonBOX 3 is available for purchase right now at Here’s a list of the technical specifications and features:

  1. GPU dimensions
    Supports full-length, full-height and double-width cards
  2. Maximum GPU height (PCB board)
    5.51 inch / 14 cm
  3. Maximum GPU length (PCB Board)
    12.6 inch / 32 cm
  4. Case material
    Aluminum + SECC sheet metal
  5. Interface/Ports
    1 x Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port
    1 x internal PCIe (x16) slot with 4 lane PCI Express 3.0 interface
  6. Data transfer
    Thunderbolt 3 interface (up to 40 Gbps)
  7. Dimensions (L x W x H)
    14.17 inches x 3.5 inches x 8.07 inches
    36 cm x 8 cm x 20.5 cm
  8. Weight
    Case only: 4.4 Lbs / 2 Kg
    Case, 200W power supply and carton: 8.8 Lbs / 4 Kg
  9. Performance boost
    Boost video editing, 3D Render, and 3D modeling software up to 10X and enable CUDA acceleration on Macintosh computers that do not currently support it.
  10. Latest NVIDIA GPUs Support
    Latest NVIDIA graphics cards are compatible including GTX 9xx-Series, 10xx-Series and TITAN X.
  11. Wide verity of bundles
    You can buy BIZON BOX with preinstalled GPU. Choose GPU that suits performance and budged you need.
  12. Easy to connect
    Compatible with any Thunderbolt™ 3 equipped Apple computer.
  13. Universal
    macOS/OS X and Windows support.
  14. ‘Plug-and-play’
    Customized driver installation to get you up and running quickly. It’s a ‘plug-and-play’ eGPU that requires little setup time.
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