Blackmagic Adds Features to DaVinci Resolve, Fusion and Ultimate

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Thanks to IBC, Blackmagic wanted to put out some new software updates that would get users all excited in Amsterdam.  The result is expanded features to the new kid on the block, Ultimatte, as well as Davinci Resolve 14 and even Fusion got some VR tools. But BMD didn’t stop there as they have also provided a means to move from Final Cut Pro 7 for those left out in the cold by Apple.

It’s IBC time again and we have been working hard on a few products that we would love to update you on. This year we announced Ultimatte 12, which is our first release of the product since acquiring Ultimatte last year. We have also shipped DaVinci Resolve 14, which is a massive update, as well as Fusion 9 with new VR tools. – Grant Petty, CEO Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic pulled the virtual veil off of Ultimatte 12, and under the hood are rewritten algorithms that will improve the color science that is used to key out the background and provide a virtual set design that can look like anything in the world. The improved code takes advantage of 12G-SDI architecture for ease of switching between 4K and Full HD, as well as offering better image quality thanks to sub pixel processing for the handling fringing and spill suppression. “We think Ultimatte 12 will enable a new generation of real time cinematic quality broadcast graphics for weather, sports, news and entertainment,” Petty added. “It’s also perfect for on-set pre visualization in television and film production because it lets actors and directors see the virtual sets they’re interacting with while shooting against a green screen.”

Ultimatte has also added augmented reality tools for broadcast, which enables on-air talent to interact with computer generated data and display without running into keying problems that often show up with translucent digital objects. Ultimatte provides a digital tinted layer behind the digital image content, that enables the software to properly key out the background and give it a more realistic look. Your Talent can even walk around and behind your digital content, as if it were even there.

Ultimatte 12 is also completely compatible with cameras ranging from SD to UHD and above, so users won’t have their current camera workflow broken due to an update in software. Shipping now at $9,995

As reported earlier, Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve 14 is now shipping after a successful beta test period that has ironed out any bugs and added several new features. Specs show that DaVinci 14 enjoys a ten times performance improvement, and thanks to Fairlight audio, the post production software suite has a completely redesigned audio module. There’s also multi user collaboration tools for networked editing, color correction, and audio sweetening from multiple systems. There are also hundreds of other features including effects, facial recognition, 120 fps support and stereoscopic tools and tracking.

Upgrading to DaVinci 14 is free for existing users, but for first time users Studio  14 is available for $299, which is pretty nuts.  And since post production teams that have been hanging on to Apple Final Cut Pro 7 recently found that MacOS High Sierra breaks the software completely, Blackmagic has made it easy to transition to Resolve 14 with easy import of Final Cut Pro 7 timelines. Thanks to a similar keyboard shortcuts and workflow design, users can transition to DaVinci in just a few minutes, and BMD has also made a video showing how here:


Finally, Blackmagic Fusion 9 has gotten a major update that was previewed at SIGGRAPH last month. The new update includes new VR tools, an brand new Keying technology, improved planar tracking, camera tracking, and some full 360° tools that allow VR editors to edit in the virtual space withheadsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Other improvements include a new live action camera tracker, automatic animation of motion, perspective, position and scale, as well as calculation of digital lens focal length and distortion to make your VR image look more natural. And Fusion’s new Delta Keyer promises to preserve fine image details during the keying process.

Like DaVinci 14, Fusion 9 comes as a free upgrade for existing users, or new users can enjoy a huge price cut as the software has been slashed to $299. And there’s a free version of both so you can try before you buy.

Boy howdy, as Blackmagic continues to add killer new features to its software lineup, they’re sure making the case for avoiding a monthly cloud based app fee, aren’t they? For more information on all three suites, visit

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