Blackmagic Announces Gen 2 URSA Mini Pro

Blackmagic Design’s new announcement strategy is to come out with some of their product announcements and updates before NAB, which gives us the chance to do some research about them, before we get hands on time in Vegas.  Such is the case with the URSA Mini Pro G2, the next generation cinema camera from BMD.

“Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 is exciting because it gives customers second generation electronics and an even higher performance image sensor so they can shoot at extremely high frame rates for crystal clear slow motion images. URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 is powerful enough to be used on high end feature films and television shows, versatile enough to be used for broadcast news and live multi camera event production, and affordable enough for indie filmmakers and even students. It’s like getting 3 cameras in one.” – Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design.

Dubbing it a new generation 4.6K design, Grant Petty says that the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro G2 has been redesigned from the ground up with more powerful next generation image sensors and other circuitry to add twice the frame rate in Blackmagic Raw and ProRes as the previous generation. That translates to 120fps in 4.6K in BRAW, 150 fps in 4K DCI BRAW, plus 300 fps in 1080p and other codecs.

To achieve those higher frame rates, users will need to use DCI in order to write them to an SSD card.  3D LUTs are embedded, and Blackmagic has improved their color science to yield over 15 stops of dynamic range and more accurate color. BMD has also improved the circuitry and made line adjustments for better audio.

Other key features:

  • Digital film camera with 15 stops of dynamic range.
  • Super 35mm 4.6K sensor with Blackmagic Design Generation 4 Color Science.
  • Supports project frame rates up to 60 fps and off-speed slow motion recording up to 120 fps in 4.6K, 150 fps in 4K DCI and 300 fps in HD Blackmagic RAW.
  • Interchangeable lens mount with EF mount included as standard. Optional PL, B4 and F lens mounts available separately.
  • High quality 2, 4 and 6 stop neutral density (ND) filters with IR compensation designed to specifically match the colorimetry and color science of Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2.
  • Fully redundant controls including external controls which allow direct access to the most important camera settings such as external power switch, ND filter wheel, ISO, shutter, white balance, record button, audio gain controls, lens and transport control, high frame rate button and more.
  • Built in dual C-Fast 2.0 recorders and dual SD/UHS-II card recorders allow unlimited duration recording in high quality.
  • High speed USB-C expansion port for recording directly to an external SSD or flash disk.
  • Lightweight and durable magnesium alloy body.
  • LCD status display for quickly checking timecode, shutter and lens settings, battery, recording status, and audio levels.
  • Support for Blackmagic RAW files in Constant Bitrate 3:1, 5:1, 8:1 and 12:1 or Constant Quality Q0 and Q5 as well as ProRes 4444 XQ, ProRes 4444, ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422, ProRes 422 LT, ProRes 422 Proxy recording at 4.6K, 4K, Ultra HD and HD resolutions.
  • Supports recording of up to 300 frames per second in HD, 150 frames per second in 4K DCI, and 120 frames per second at full frame 4.6K.
  • Features all standard connections, including dual XLR mic/line audio inputs with phantom power, 12G-SDI output for monitoring with camera status graphic overlay and separate XLR 4 pin power output for viewfinder power, headphone jack, LANC remote control and standard 4 pin 12V DC power connection.
  • Built in high quality stereo microphones for recording sound.
  • 4 inch foldout touchscreen for on-set monitoring and menu settings.
  • Includes full copy of DaVinci Resolve software color grading and editing software.

Petty also pointed out that this camera will completely replace the generation one URSA Mini Pro, and since it has the same price point, they still have some G1 models available for anyone looking for a great deal. Its also important to note that Blackmagic has finally dropped CinemaDNG.

The Blackmagic URS Mini Pro 4.6K G2 is available now in EF mounted configuration for $5,995. Optional lens mounts ranging from $245-385.

BlackMagic Raw also comes to Pocket Cinema Camera.

“Blackmagic RAW has been incredibly successful since we introduced it last fall on URSA Mini Pro,” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO. “The new Blackmagic Camera 6.2 update is exciting because it makes this incredible new technology available to Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K customers absolutely free! They get the visually lossless image quality of RAW with the speed of traditional video workflows!”

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K users also have cause for celebrating, as Blackmagic Raw is now supported through Camera update 6.2. With Blackmagic Raw, BMPCC4K users can now record up to 2 hours of full cinematic quality Blackmagic RAW footage in 4K on a single 256GB SD UHS-II card, as well as 4K DCI images to an SD card.

The update brings constant bitrates of 3:1, 5:1, 8:1, 12:1 recording for Blackmagic RAW, constant quality Q0 and Q5 recording for Blackmagic RAW, support for double tap on touchscreen zoom and changed tap to focus behavior to tap and hold to focus. Blackmagic’s Generation 4 Color Science also offers more accurate skin tones, lifelike colors, and better dynamic range. And since it’s been dialed-in to take advantage of a smoother editing and color correction workflow using DaVinci Resolve, users will be able to cut their post production time dramatically.

Blackmagic Camera 6.2 update is available now as a free download from the Blackmagic Design website.

Lastly, Petty hinted that DaVinci Resolve 16 will be announced at NAB, with some great new features, though he stopped short of telling us what. Something to look forward to!

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