Blackmagic Issues Hardware and Software Updates for Video Workflow (Updated)

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Update: Less than a week after releasing version 14.2.1 of DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic has put out another update that addresses several issues with crashing under certain conditions. But it also added a few more features including support for the URSA Broadcast Camera.

Blackmagic cautions that users will need to update to 14.2.1 first, before installing 14.3. DaVinci Resolve 14.3 also requires a database upgrade from DaVinci Resolve 14.2.1 and previous versions. It’ll probably be a good idea to backup your existing database (both DiskDB and PostgreSQL) before performing an upgrade.

Here’s what’s new in DaVinci Resolve 14.3

  • Added support for the Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast camera
  • Added support for RAW footage from the Sony Venice/CineAltaV camera
  • Improved the quality of thumbnails in the Media Pool and Edit page timeline on retina monitors
  • Added support for reading Panasonic Varicam metadata when importing footage
  • Added support for exporting Sony color space and gamma metadata when encoding to MXF
  • Added support for RED SDK v7.0.6
  • Addressed an issue where the audio section in the Deliver page would default to timeline track instead of the Main bus
  • Addressed an issue where editing a transition could sometimes cause a crash
  • Addressed an issue where syncing video to audio with a different sample rate results in incorrect audio sync and pitch audio
  • Addressed an issue where changes to the Mixer UI layout would not get saved in a dual screen setup
  • Addressed an issue where pressing arrow keys to move volume keyframes would not work after opening the keyframe curve editor
  • Addressed an issue with the option to pick which node to select when switching clips
  • Addressed an issue where a project would fail to save after deleting a group
  • Addressed an issue where a project would fail to save after specific undo/redo operations
  • Addressed an issue with UI artifacts in the DaVinci Resolve Studio activation window
  • Addressed an issue where projects with LUTs would not get exported correctly on Windows
  • Addressed an issue where the current project could not be copied between databases
  • Addressed an issue where relinking to TIFF files with a higher bit depth would result in a crash
  • General performance and stability improvement

Blackmagic Design has not only issued a new update DaVinci Resolve. Along with improved support Dolby WAV files and Fairlight audio, there’s over 50 new features to take advantage of. And your Video Assist 4K will run smoother, too.

DaVinci Resolve version 14.2.1 tweaks the overall performance of the timeline by improving the creation of optimized proxies, as well as generating more accurate thumbnails to represent the incoming footage. There’s also improved support for Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 WAV files, and better integration with the new Fairlight audio interface.

DaVinci also now has a more streamlined multicam viewer, and rendering Cineform and H.264 is more stable in this release.  Other features include:

  • Better performance on the edit page while generating thumbnails
  • Correct output of 5.1 and 7.1 WAV files
  • More reliable progress indicator when generating optimized proxy media
  • 12+ Fairlight audio improvements
  • Better Multicam viewer performance
  • Ability to change multiple clip properties at the same time
  • New Power Window tracking indicators for frame mode
  • Improved stability for rendering Cineform and H.264
  • Faster ProRes and XAVC-I encoding and more!

The DaVinci Resolve version 14.2.1 update is free to download for existing DaVinci Studio users, as well as those who are using the free version. Available here.


“We’re very excited that the VFX community at We Suck Less came together and created something they are impassioned about as Fusion users…it’s wonderful to see this type of innovation and collaboration.” – Dan May, President, Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic has also also announced a new supporting app for their Fusion effects software app, which will help ingest third party content for your post production workflow. Working with the software company We Suck Less, LOL, the new Reactor app acts as a package manager that makes it easier to install and manage content while within the Fusion app. Reactor uses “Atom” packages that are synced with an online Git repository, making third party Scripts and Plugins easier to install with a simple click, rather than having to manually download, copy and edit individual files. It can also manage your content for ancillary income.

“Part of the magic of Reactor is that it helps build out a larger ecosystem for Fusion users by supporting open source developers financially with the addition of a payment system.” adds Reactor core developer and WSL moderator Andrew Hazelden. “The Reactor atom package format enables creators to set a fair price for their tools and be paid the way they want.”

Reactor is free, open source and can be downloaded from We Suck Less at, with the public content repository hosted on GitLab:

In hardware, Blackmagic has also released a new firmware update for the 4K Video Assist external video monitor-recorder will is mostly a housekeeping update for better performance and enhancements to the operating system. Download here.

And if you haven’t gotten an external video monitor recorder because you think they’re too expensive for a low budget operation, then you may want to take a good look at the Video Assist. I’ve reviewed both the 7″ Video Assist 4K and 5″ 1080p version and for under $1000 and $500 respectively, you’ll be hard pressed find a better budget option.

Lastly, Blackmagic is going to be having a special streaming event tomorrow and Friday on their YouTube channel to give us a sneak peak at some new live production and broadcast hardware. The stream starts at 10am PT, here in the US, and other dates and times can be found to the left. As usual, we’ll have all the news as it happens, so check our Twitter feed for a live update.



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