Blackmagic Reponds to Adobe Cancelling CinemaDNG

Camera maker says Adobe Decision has no effect

By James DeRuvo

Yesterday, we reported that Adobe was dropping support for CinemaDNG  in Adobe Premiere Pro, and we mused as to how that would affect the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, which is finally shipping to users eager to take it through it’s paces.  We must’ve lit a match because it generated a lot of discussion and assurances that while the Blackmagic Cinema Camera does shoot in the RAW format through CinemaDNG, rumors of it’s pending demise are greatly exaggerated.

And now, Blackmagic has given us an official reply that with over 30 companies working on the open source codec, Adobe’s decision won’t affect BMCC users one bit.

The move by Adobe with CinemaDNG does not impact the Blackmagic Cinema Camera at all and there is no problems regarding the future of the CinemaDNG format for the following reasons:

• The CinemaDNG format has been planned to be transferred into an open working group comprised of multiple companies. There are 30+ companies who are participating in this group and they will be handling all enhancements to the forum in the future as well as distribution of technical documentation for the CinemaDNG format.

• Technically, CinemaDNG is very a simple format and is really only an extension of the popular still camera DNG format that has been designed for video cameras. It includes a simple folder full of DNG files as well as an audio track file. This means you can open still frames in a CinemaDNG folder in any software that handles regular DNG still frames such as Adobe Photoshop, Apple Preview and virtually all image and photo management software.

• There is a lot of video software that already includes support CinemaDNG, including DaVinci Resolve for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux platforms. With DaVinci Resolve Lite, our free version, people can read DNG files and color grade them at absolutely no charge. Then if they want to use those files in other editing software such as Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas etc, they can simply export out of DaVinci Resolve beautifully graded shots in any format they like.

• Finally in relation to the RAW format that the Blackmagic Cinema Camera supports, its important to realize that the Blackmagic Cinema Camera is a software based camera that can be upgraded. We can simply add or amend the file formats it supports at any time in the future. Even potential alternative RAW formats that might appear in the future.

We feel at Blackmagic Design that the CinemaDNG format is the most open and the highest quality RAW format available. It’s very easy to use and it is continuing to become even more open as the independent CinemaDNG group works to include support in more software and to add new features in the future.”   – Dan May, President Black Magic Design

That’s certainly great news for a promising camera platform that offers 2.5K resolution, 13 stops of dynamic range, and Davinci Resolve for around $3,000.  And now that Blackmagic is shipping cameras again after a brief production parts hiccup, here’s hoping that it’s smooth sailing from here on out.

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