Blind Spot Gear Offers Killer Deal On Scorpion LED Lights

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

The new Scorpion LED Lights are just hitting the market, and to celebrate, Blind Spot Gear is offering an incredible deal. Buy four of them, and get not one but TWO more at no extra cost. That’s a savings of nearly 40%.

The Scorpion Light is about portability, ease of use, flexibility and affordability. Taking lighting to the limits of your imagination. –

Invented by freelance BBC cameraman Billy Campbell, the Scorpion to address a freelancer’s need for professional grade, yet low cost and portable LED lights that a one man crew could deploy.

Campbell was able to successfully wage a Kickstarter campaign and is now ready to ship his first batch of lights to backers eager to put them to good use.

It’s an interesting design … A huge, single super ought LED light with housed in a barn door array, that’s attached to your camera with a goose neck arm. And while you can deploy the scorpion for key, fill, back light, the goose neck allows you to really dial in the angle and position of the lights for more precision, and do it whether on stage or in the field. There’s no need for an expensive lighting crew or to lug around and setting up, when you’d rather be running and gunning.

Specs include:

  • Goose neck length: 350mm
  • Mounting options: 16mm spigot, ¼” or 3/8” thread adapter, hot shoe adapter, suction mount
  • Emitter (bulb) Power: 13W
  • Dimmable 10%-100%
  • Power sources: AC power, Sony NP-F series batteries, D Tap
  • Power requirement (mains supply): 120-240VAC
  • Battery run time: 1h (NP-F550), 3.3h (NP-F960)
  • Optics Colour Temperature: Daylight (5700K) or Tungsten (3000K)
  • Output: 1100lm (daylight) 700lm (tungsten)
  • Emitter Running hours : 50,000 hours
  • Gel attachment method: Magnets on barn-doors

The Scorpion is ideal for shooting interviews, or getting the right amount of illumination in tight spaces like a car where angles don’t always favor the available equipment.  And not only can the Scorpion be mounted on the Gooseneck mount, but you can detach it and put a suction mount to it. The Scorpion also has a dimmer switch so you can dial in your light intensity according to the look you want.

The basic kit comes in a sturdy, Pelican like case that houses all four lights. Also in the box comes:

  • Two extra Scorpions, so six total
  • 4 Super Clamps
  • the Hard Case and Custom Foam
  • Rosco Gels
  • Magnets for gel holder
  • 1/4 inch adapter

Power plugs, which are optional, have a positive lock to keep it from being pulled out. It can be powered by main AC or via battery power or even straight out of your camera.

To get the free pair of Scorpions, you have to buy the entire four way set, which will set you back about $1045 to $1340, depending on your options, for instance, batteries and AC plugs look to be an add-on, so you can choose the option best for you. You’ll also need to pay VAT if you’re across the pond.

Visit for more information.

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