Bryan Fuller Explains Meaning Behind Star Trek: Discovery Title

star-trek-discocery-tv-show-trailer-e1469564655478By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

There’s about four months between now and the premiere of the brand new Star Trek: Discovery television series ,and yet we still don’t know much about it. We know what the Discovery looks like, that the main character will be a woman who goes by “Number One,” and that it will be set ten years before James T. Kirk’s five-year mission.

During Star Trek: Mission New York convention (via io9) showrunner Bryan Fuller added a bit more information with a prerecorded video and it’s all in the name. Here’s what he said about naming the starship Discovery and what it means for the series:

“This ship is called the Discovery for a few reasons. Not the least of which is Stanley Kubrick’s contribution to the Discovery [One] on 2001: A Space Odyssey, NASA’s vessel the Discovery, and also the sense of discovery. What the word ‘discovery’ means to Star Trek audiences who have been promised a future by Gene Roddenberry where we come together as a planet and seek new worlds and new alien races to explore and understand and collaborate with.”

Fuller added that this new series would have the chance to “reinvent, re-explore, and reintroduce” the familiar aspects of Star Trek, but also explore new ships, aliens, and technology. So far we’ve had three Star Trek rebooted films, and none of them have had a chance to explore strange new worlds or seek out new life and new civilizations. Frankly, I’m hoping Discovery boldly goes where no one has gone before, because the films are somewhat more preoccupied with action-adventure.

While it sounds like Star Trek: Discovery is going back to ideas of the original series, that doesn’t mean Fuller and company don’t want to shake things up. He added:

“There have been six series all from the captains’ perspective, and it felt like for this new iteration of Star Trek, we need to look at life on a Starfleet vessel from a new perspective.”

This would make Discovery more of an ensemble show, which would give the show a “whole new dynamic” and a “richer context to have different types of stories.” In some ways those quotes remind me of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which was a bit more about personal character interactions.

There are a few fans who don’t like the reboot Star Trek films, and are incredibly hyped for the new show, expecting the greatest thing on Earth since sliced bread. For those people, writer Nicholas Meyer told fans to have realistic expectations:

“Lower your expectations. It is a symbiotic relationship and all I’m suggesting is that if you go with open minds and open hearts, you may be rewarded. Whereas if you go with a set of impossible to realize expectations, which even you cannot specifically define, then we’re bound to fail. And so I’m saying: Get loose.”

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on CBS All Access in January 2017.

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