Canon To Announce 6K C500 Cinema Camera at NAB?

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

It’s the new year, and while CES is only days away, we’re already starting to get word about what could be coming to NAB, and Canon is believed to have plans to announce a new 6K Cinema EOS Camera. Could a Mk. II C500 be making a comeback?

Canon Rumors has been talking about Canon’s planned 6K cinema camera for a few weeks now, but initially, it was believed that this could be a new model that would fit at the top of the product line. Now the word is it will most likely be an upgrade to a current camera model, and the recently discontinued C500 may be poised to make a comeback with a long overdue refresh.

There really isn’t a lot of news about specs, aside from the fact that CR expects it to be a 6K camera and it will have a newly designed full frame image sensor, rather than Super35. But if it shoots in 6K, it’ll most likely be able to shoot higher frame rates in 4K, perhaps up to 120 fps. And it will likely shoot in Raw, since the camera line has gotten a Raw firmware update in the last half of 2017. We can also expect CFast 2 card slots, and maybe updated with QXD support.

But does 6K make much sense? CR said back in July of last year that to offer a 6K C500 wouldn’t be “very Canon-esque,” and with the development of an 8K Cinema EOS model being tested next month at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. South Korea, one cannot wonder if the feature set got mixed up in transit this time around.

Then again, the C700 has a 4.5K image sensor, so would the C500 overshadow it with a larger, full frame sensor? Maybe, since development cycles for Canon seem to go from model to model, it’s high time that the C500 got resurrected with a boost in resolution, especially if Canon wants to at least stay within shouting distance of RED.

But lets face it, this is Canon we’re talking here, and they rarely look far over the horizon in their own development of cameras, preferring to meet out updates at a glacier’s pace. More likely, the 8K model being tested in Korea is a prototype C900 we’ve been hearing about, and that if there is a C500 Mk. II, it will at least move up to 4.5K to equal the current state of the C700. Or, it’s a C700 since it should be next to get a processor boost. Its larger architecture was designed to keep pace with the ARRI ALEXA, and to do so, it needs more “umph.” Rumors are, even though it’s priced under the ARRI, it’s not selling very well.

Then again, CR has also said that they’ve heard that the C300 will get a 6K Mk. III refresh as well. So who knows? That’s the joy of following the rumor mill, and we still have almost 4 months for more details to leak out. Stay tuned.

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