High Frame Rate Issue Can Crash Canon 5D Mk. IV

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Users are reporting that when using the Canon mobile app to control shooting in high frame rate in the Canon 5D Mk. IV, the camera can crash. The good news is, that Canon seems to be working on a fast fix.

I was testing out the various remote control options for controlling video on my Canon 5d Mk IV.  All works fine using the EOS utility V3 via WiFi or via USB and also using the Canon App on a Samsung S7 phone.  However, if you switch on the “High Frame Rate Movie” option and attempt any of the remote control options, the 5D Mk iv camera completely hangs.  All functions including the on/off button become disabled and in one instance, the camera actually “purple” screens. – Darach G.

Filmmaker Darach G. noticed the issue when using the EOS mobile App on his Samsung Galaxy S7 Android mobile phone as a remote control for shooting in high frame rate on the Canon 5D Mk. IV. So it sounds like there’s a handshake issue with the Wifi settings as it talks to the mobile app on the Android device. Whether this is due to a bug in the app, or the camera firmware is not yet known.

Darach also said that the only way to clear the issue and get back to filming was to reset the camera by taking the battery out and putting it back in.  He also makes it clear that this only happens with using the mobile app and that shooting high frame rate movie directly on the camera works fine. He also says that updating to Canon’s current 1.0.4 firmware didn’t solve the issue.

Darach went on to contact Canon support in the UK, who asked him for additional information the next day. Within a few days the issue had been escalated to Canon Europe and now a fix is in the works. “I have since been informed via email that  Canon Inc. are now looking into this and will attempt to correct the problem in a firmware update within the next 4-8 weeks.”

While we aren’t certain if this is an issue with the mobile app or the firmware in the Canon 5D Mk. IV, but engaging high frame rate the old fashioned way by adjusting it in the camera menu settings still works. So it’s really more an annoyance than a serious firmware issue with the camera itself, there’s no indication that iOS users are experiencing a similar issue. Users will simply have to avoid the Canon Mobile app until the mystery is solved and an update is tested and sent out.

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