Canon Manager Confirms Mirrorless Camera Future

Canon's M50 4K Mirrorless Camera

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

When it comes to market share for cameras, Canon has been playing second fiddle to both the Panasonic and Sony for quite awhile now. And while the M50 was a step in the right direction, many naysayers have said it’s too little too late. But that’s not stopping the camera company from making plans for a mirrorless future.

“(It’s) a change in strategy spurred by sharp growth in the market … we need to actively roll out products even if there is some cannibalization” – Masahiro Sakata, President Canon Marketing, Japan

Based on an interview that Canon marketing president  Masahiro Sakata gave recently, it looks like the DSLR centric company is finally tired of being a distant third in the mirrorless market, and he we are to take his comments at face value, it appears that the company is making a deliberate take towards mirrorless cameras, at least in the consumer market.

Being the long awaited 4K mirrorless camera, the M50 may have been Canon’s first serious step in creating a line of mirrorless cameras that can contend in the market, in spite of it’s several shortcomings. The M50 wasn’t the first Canon mirrorless camera, but previous models have been “also rans,” and not part of a major shift in focus.

Frankly, though. I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m not saying that Canon isn’t finally responding to the market shift by putting more energy in resources into creating a serious mirrorless design, in fact, I’m hoping that they are.  And if Sakata’s comments are accurate, it means that the company is willing to take a loss in sales in their DSLR lines in order to get some market share in the mirrorless realm.

I’d love to see Canon take on the big two in the mirrorless category though, because competition is a good thing. It not only pushes the state of the art, but also brings down prices, which for a consumer is a win.  But the question is, can Canon do it?  The main problems with the M50, in spite of its nearly $1000 price tag, is that it loses dual pixel AF when shooting in 4K, leaving shooters to have to settle with contrast based autofocus.

Ideally, when you’re trying to grab market share, you want to grab it from the competition, and not from yourself. Initially, it makes sense that your sales would come from customers who are curious as to what the new market is bringing to the party, but in the long run, unless the plan is to abandon the old market altogether, you’re going to want to create a product that will get users of the competition to want to jump ship.

That’s what Panasonic did, and it resulted in many Canon shooters listing their old 5Ds on eBay in order to make the move to micro 4/3s mirrorless. That’s just the nature of competition.

But Canon is going to have to do a lot more if they hope to poach some market share from the other guys.

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