Canon May Discontinue Trio of DSLRs for Mirrorless Designs

We knew there would be some triage as Canon focuses on their new Mirrorless initiative, but now, looks like the rumors are true and that Canon has apparently decided to discontinue not only the Canon 7D line, but also it looks like the 5D S/R cameras as well. That didn’t last long.

The report comes from Canon Rumors, which states that Canon is working on a massive 75MP+ EOS R full frame mirrorless camera that will replace the Canon 5D S/R. The thinking is, that those same resources can be used to deeply develop Canon’s mirrorless technology, which I hope will include adding IBIS to the next generation, and not divide it with the flagging DSLR lines. I would also imagine that the camera is being eyed to be the next generation of the flagship 5D line, and it could be the camera that’s been spotted shooting 8K video in the wild.

This makes sense. There’s a lot of repetition in the Canon 5D model, and users aren’t going to stand for the 5DIV to be discontinued so soon without a mirrorless alternative. So, the next logical step is to end the experiment that was making three different versions of the same camera, and streamline things.   Then, bring on the 5Ds heir apparent, a professional grade EOS 5D-R, and let them run head to head for a few years for users to make the transition.

“We have been told that a few dealers and distributors are a bit worried about what Canon has in store for the replacement to the popular EOS 7D Mark II, as those buyers also buy lenses, more than EOS 80D buyers do,” Canon Rumors writes.

Canon Rumors also says that since the EOS-R and EOS S-R are enjoying brisk sales, while sales of DSLRs like the Canon 7D are plateaued. Canon is also overdue to refresh the 7D (again), and that’s making retailers nervous. They are right to be concerned, as Canon 7D users are generally prosumer level, and buy dedicated prime lenses, while consumer level users tend to rely more on kit lenses.

But could a next generation 7D Mk. III go mirrorless? It would certainly have to have an EOS R lens mount that removes the shutter apparatus.  And that’s why I’m not so sure about that one.  The 7D was always an odd duck, with a host of higher end professional features, that relied on a strange dual APS-C setup to keep the costs low for consumers. It was a technology that simply never translated itself into another line.  In fact, the 7D was the first camera I thought of that would be replaced by a new mirrorless camera system.

“Canon has apparently told a couple of dealers that this concern will be addressed sometime later in 2019.”

But if Canon is planning to end the life of the 7D in favor of a new EOS-R Mirrorless camera, the question is, will there be an APS-C model forthcoming?  If I had to guess, I’d say yes. We’ve already heard from higher ups in Canon Japan that mirrorless was going to be their main focus, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the next generation of mirrorless cameras, after they launch a professional mirrorless model, will be an APS-C replacement. Some are speculating the new consumer grade mirrorless camera will be more along the lines of the 80D, with higher end features and an EOS-R lens mount.

But whether the next EOS-R mirrorless camera is a professional grade model that would do the 5D proud, or a next gen APS-C model, the talk is we’ll have to wait until later this year to find out. But since Photokina was cancelled for this year, it may not be until May of 2020.

Time will tell.

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