Canon to Offer RF Lens “DeClicking” Service

The thing about shooting with a still camera lens is that the subtle clicks that give the shooter tactile feedback on how much aperture or shutter speed changes they are making, can often be picked up by a sensitive boom mic. There are plenty of DIY videos out there, showing shooters how to “de-click” their vintage lenses, but with autofocus lenses like the Canon EOS-R RF line, it becomes a lot more complicated. Fortunately, Canon is now offering to do it for you, and it’ll only cost you $80 a lens.

“The click action of the control ring allows the user to have a sense of how much it is being turned. However, if used during video shooting, the sound of the control ring operation may be recorded. Canon’s control ring’s modification service offers RF lenses and Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R owners the opportunity to remove/reapply the control ring’s clicking sound. – Canon service announcement

Canon’s new de-clicking service will also pertain to Canon’s EF-EOS R adapter, which will cost $60 to make silent.  The cost does not include tax or shipping, but the service has to be done by an authorized Canon facility.

Frankly, I’m excited that Canon is also doing the EF-EOS R adapter, and I hope that if this service is liberally used,  that Canon will expand the service to EF lenses as well.  EF mounts are popular with most third party camera makers including RED, Blackmagic and others, and if shooters can have their EF lenses “de-clicked” without losing warranty protection, that would be a very good thing.

And then maybe down the road, Canon will offer a switch that will enable shooters to de-click and re-click on the fly, like users of the Sony 24mm F1.4G and Zeiss Loxia 25mm f2.4 can. If you build it, they will come. But in the meantime, I’ll take just the EOS-R and adapter de-clicking for now.

So, if you’re an EOS R mirrorless owner and want to get those lenses quiet,  contact Canon Support (the toll-free phone number is 1-800-OK-CANON).


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