Celebrity Paternity Scandals

Justin Bieber may be a teen pop icon, but he’s been accused of doing some very grown up deeds that ended with him being a possible baby daddy. Bieber denied the accusations and even took a paternity test to verify the fact he hasn’t had sex (a fact most kids his age are trying to hide). Paternity scandals are actually pretty common among celebs and, many times, they’re true.

Eddie Murphy and Melanie Brown

Maybe it was Mel B’s Spice Girl outfits that tempted Eddie Murphy when he fathered a child with the singer. When Brown first came out that the Dr. Doolittle actor was the father, he denied it. A paternity test proved his seed had been sown, and he came forward accepting responsibility. You have to give Eddie props for stepping up and doing the right thing.

Jude Law and Samantha Burke

Jude Law isn’t know for his monogamous tendencies and has more than once been caught cheating on former wife Sadie Frost and other girlfriends. Samantha Burke proved his paternity with a DNA test, but I don’t expect Law to be heading to any kiddie football games anytime soon. He can be seen in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie, but it doesn’t seem he’s as trustworthy as his character, Dr. Watson.

Chris Rock and Kali Bowyer

Comedian and actor Chris Rock faced his own paternity scandal when Kali Bowyer blabbed to the tabloids that he was the father of her child. Bowyer got quite the payday for her story, but a paternity test showed Rock was not the father. Rock wanted the money given to Bowyer donated to charity, but something tells me that didn’t happen.

Kourtney Kardashian and Michael Girgenti

Most of the time it’s men being accused of fathering a child, but in the case of Kourtney Kardashian and Michael Girgenti it was the other way around. The Kardashians are tabloid staples, but this time they were blindsided by Girgenti’s accusation. Girgenti asserted he was the father of Kourtney’s son, Mason, after having a passionate affair.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and longtime member of his house staff

Former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that he and a longtime member of his house staff had a child together and that he had taken responsibility. The scandal was the final nail in the coffin for his marriage to Maria Shriver, and the couple divorced soon after. The Sperminator has long been connected to affairs and even claims of sexual harassment throughout his long career.

Celebrities are easy fodder for paternity suits as they often have droves of men and women fawning over them, and promiscuity seems to go with the territory. Sometimes people are simply looking for ways to take advantage of the celebs or get their own 15 minutes of fame, but sometimes a single night of passion can lead to a lifetime commitment.

Have I even reached the tip of the paternity iceberg? Not even close, there have been baby daddy squabbles for decades from Larry Birkhead to Bieber. I wonder who will be the next celeb hit with the baby bug.

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