Celtx Suite of Apps Makes Filmmaking a One Stop Shop

From writing your script to scouting locations, these four apps are for you. And they’re free (mostly)

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

If you’re familiar with Celtx you know it’s an awesome and free desktop screenwriting utility that allows you to write everything from a novel, to a screenplay… heck, you can even write a comic book with it. And with Celtx’s online workspace, you can not only store your scripts in the cloud, create storyboards, breakdown your script, budget and schedule it, and even collaborate with partners anywhere in the world. And did I mention it was FREE?
Even though it’s free, it’s quite capable. But what about this mobile obsessed world we live in? Well, Celtx offers mobile apps too, and making low budget filmmaking more mobile.
The next 30 minutes could be the most creative 30 minutes of your day. – Celtx email
As I mentioned above, the Celtx Script app will allow you to write properly formatted scripts on your iOS device. I personally prefer to write on my iPhone with it versus the iPad, but I recently got a Belkin bluetooth folio keyboard cover and it’s making writing on the iPad far more attractive. And at $4.99, it’s a bargain. There’s also an Android version, which is free (wassup with that?!).
The only downside of the Celtx script app is that not all the writing options are available in it (for instance, you can’t write a novel it, just yet), but that’s by design as there’s three other mobile apps that Celtx offers which filmmakers will like:
  • Celtx Shots.  Celtx Shots takes the storyboard features of the Desktop Celtx app and puts them in a stand alone application.  With it, filmmakers can:
  • Create and edit multi-sequence, multi-shot storyboards.
  • Block camera, lighting, talent, and equipment setups.
  • Create storyboards and sketches linked to scripts imported from your Celtx account.
  • Import and export projects through iTunes.
  • Sync and share individual storyboards with Celtx online services.
  • Import images into storyboards directly from Photos or Camera.
  • View storyboard and blocking animatics with the built-in player.
  • Resize, rotate and flip storyboard images in-app.
  • Email edited image files.
  • Email sketches as PNG, PDF or SVG files.
And the app is universal, so it works on both iPad and iPhone.  And it’s free for iOS.  Not ready for Android just yet though.
Celtx Scout.  With Scout, users can scout locations, as well as source props, talent, crew, equipment, wardrobe, and just about anything your project needs.  And with a built in camera option, users can shoot just about anything and put in valuable data, save the image to your Celtx account, and share them with your team.  And again, it’s free in both iOS and Android platforms.
Celtx Sides.  Celtx Sides allows you to run a cattle call from your mobile phone by sharing sides, timing a table read, and much more.  Features include:
  • View casting, rehearsal and shoot day sides shared with you through Celtx Edge.
  • Time your read.
  • Color code characters and dialog.
  • Blackout dialog for rehearsing.
  • Compact script to focus on character dialog. Expand script to include action and other elements.
  • Access full character descriptions, including physical features, traits, motivation, and background.
  • Get date time and location details.
The only downside with Sides is that it doesn’t sync to your account just yet or to your desktop app; they’ll likely iron that out.  But even though it doesn’t, Sides can be a valuable tool while going through the casting process. Free for iOS and Android.
And it doesn’t stop there as Celtx has an online portal which enables users to affordably manage their production and collaborate with the various members of their team.  Users can:
  • Write scripts & novels online
  • Create storyboards & camera setups
  • Breakdown scripts & create catalogs
  • Breakdown shots & create shot lists
  • Schedule and budget productions
  • Create cast and crew reports
  • Sync with Celtx mobile & Mac apps
  • Share with anyone
  • Share between team members only
  • Administration of team members & file

Price range from $9.99 a month or $69.99 a year for single personal users and $19.99 a month per user for the Team version. There’s also an educational discount of about 20% off and a 15-day free trial to check it out.

For more information, visit Celtx.com.

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