Celtx Update: Screenwriting & Full-Fledged Production Management Suite

celtxonlineBy James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

When Blackmagic finally came out and said that DaVinci Resolve 12 was growing beyond color grading, and into a post studio suite with non linear editing capability, we got excited. Now it seems that outgrowing your original software design becoming contagious, and Celtx is on the bandwagon. Growing from a free screenwriting utility to becoming a one-stop shop for running your entire production from start to finish.

“Celtx has also added a powerful suite of professional-grade video planning tools. With episodic scriptwriting and asset management, groups/multi-team management, and the ability to better manage client feedback and approvals, Celtx now offers workflow management that is ideal for production companies of all types and sizes: for those producing independent films and web series, and those making advertising, product demos, and other sponsored content.” – “New Year, New Celtx” Blog

Client approval 1Celtx has been steadily growing for a while now with new features, so clearly it has been more than just the plucky free scriptwriting program of choice. Over the last few years, Celtx has added index cards, storyboarding, call sheets, and several other features that have given indies a leg up on creating their vision.

But with its new feature update announcement, Celtx has become Celtx Studio, and has outlined new video planning tools which will allow indies to manage their production and harness the power of the internet to collaborate with your production team.

“In Celtx, your teams entire production will be centralized in a simple and secure cloud based file, accessible anytime. Anywhere.”

Features include:

  1. Scriptwriting
  2. Storyboarding
  3. Index Cards
  4. Snippets
  5. FDX Import
  6. Breakdown
  7. Scheduling
  8. Budgeting
  9. Cost Reports
  10. Script Revision Tracking
  11. Production Assets Management
  12. iOS app: Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Index Cards, Call Sheets, Talent Sides
  13. Priority Email Support

celtx_2The three-tiered subscription of design of Celtx system breaks down like this:

  1. Basic or free users still have access to unlimited scripts, with new free tools including Storyboards and Index Cards (finally!) These features have been available with the mobile apps for awhile, but with Celtx Studio, free users now have it available through the main cloud dashboard. Additionally, Basic users can also create Studio Teams and add other members to collaborate on projects.
  2. Standard users have full access to all documents including improved budget features like cost-reporting, and project centric dashboards with access to at-a-glance information. This level will cost $10 a month.
  3. Professional grade users will have workflow management for production companies with new video planning tools including web-series and other episodic asset management tools, the addition of groups to studio teams as well as a new client approval process with feedback built in to the online studio.  This level will cost $20 per month, per member.

The professional plateau looks to manage ongoing projects episodic screenwriting and asset management, and client approval and feedback directly from the online interface. That’s cool. Each project will have its own dashboard which will also include progress, budget and cost reports, public URLs to share all Celtx documents with your team in the cloud (whether they have a Celtx account or not), and a 2-step security login using Google Authenticator.

Celtx is offering a free 15-day try before your buy sign up, which will give users access to the entire Celtx Studio feature set. Head over to Celtx.com to sign up.

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