Cine Gear 2017: Canon Kicks Off With C200 Announcement

Canon-C200_1-640x360By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

On the eve of Cine Gear, when everyone is talking about RED’s central presence, Canon decided to turn heads with the expected announcement of the Cinema EOS C200. We knew it was coming, but one, we were guessing it could debut at Cine Gear, and two, we didn’t know that it would shoot 4K RAW internally! Oh, and did we mention it’s under $8,000?

“Canon has worked with several partners to ensure Cinema RAW Light is integrated with various software programs. As a result, editing and grading of the Cinema RAW Light video format will be supported in DaVinci Resolve of Blackmagic Design. Editing will be possible in Media Composer from Avid Technology, using Canon RAW Plugin for Avid Media Access. This format can also be processed using a Canon application, Cinema RAW Development. Support for Cinema RAW Light is also scheduled for EDIUS Pro, Grass Valley’s editing software, Cinema RAW Light, using Canon RAW Plugin for Final Cut Pro X.” – Canon Announcement

The killer feature here in the Canon C200 is RAW being the defacto codec to shoot in, thanks to its new format “Cinema RAW Light.” Through Cinema RAW Light, the Canon C200 can record smaller file sizes internally to CFast 2.0 media cards at 50p, 4K DCI Raw at 50P, and up to 120fps High Frame Rate (HFR) in Full HD.

Even better, at that high frame rate, shooters don’t have to worry about cropping the sensor, either. The C200 can also record in MP4 through Canon Log/Log 3, 150fps in 4K, and 2K, or Full HD at 35Mbps to SD cards in MP4 format.

C200_1_675x450The C200 accomplishes this feat thanks to Canon’s new Dual DIGIC DV6 image processors, which process the light from Canon’s Super 35mm 8.85 MP CMOS sensor, providing up to 15 stops of dynamic range.

Other features include:

  1. The C200’s lightweight body of just 1.4kg is designed for comfortable hand-held shooting, suitable for mounting onto a drone or gimbal.
  2. Combine Dual Pixel CMOS AF with the LCD Monitor LM-V1, with touch panel support, focusing becomes even more intuitive, with the capability to choose the subject for focusing with a touch.
  3. The C200 offers high-speed One-Push AF and continuous AF within a horizontal and vertical range of the screen of approx. 80%.
  4. The C200 supports a variety of output signals via HD-SDI and HDMI. High quality on-board audio is delivered via 2 x XLR terminals.
  5. An EVF LUT with partial HDR simulation enables a view close to an HDR display. HDR View Assist (400%/1600%) checking is also possible on the LM-V1.
  6. Professional UHD/50P camera with internal SD card recording and High Frame Rate option
  7. Enter the world of professional 4K filmmaking with a camera boasting a Super 35mm CMOS sensor capable of recording high definition UHD/50p MP4  footage internally to dual SD card and Full HD up to 120P with flexibility and ease
  8. Internal RAW recording to CFast 2.0 card
  9. Record 4k Cinema RAW light footage in 10 bit/50P OR 12 bit 24P/25P to CFast 2.0 card with simultaneous MP4 proxy
  10. Professional high quality image and audio
  11. Built in ND Filters with up to 10 stops of density
  12. Up to 13-stops dynamic range with Canon Log 3 Wide DR for ease of use and high sensitivity ISO 100-102,400, 15 Stops in Cinema RAW Light
  13. Advanced autofocus options with touchscreen control plus HDR monitoring and 10 stop electronically controlled optical ND filters
  14. Easy operation and flexible configuration
  15. Robust, compact body featuring and EF mount supporting a huge range of EF and cinema lenses. Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet, SDI and XLR terminals for professional use
  16. Optional electronic viewfinder called the EVF-V70 (details to follow)

C200_4_675x450One slight downside, and I’m sure will be corrected soon, is Adobe Premiere doesn’t currently support Canon’s Cinema RAW Light codec, so shooters will have to shoot in C-Log or DCI until Premiere gets out an update. Another option is to re-encode.

Now here’s the really stunning part: The Canon C200 will ship in July for an MSRP of $7499! That’s a jaw-dropping price, as many were expecting the price to be set at $10,000, or just under, minus a lens. You can pre-order at B&H soon.

So what’s the benefit of the C200? Well, for under $8,000, and shooting in 4K RAW, it’s going to be quite attractive to indie filmmakers, documentary shooters, and reality shooters, as well as event videographers looking to add some cinematic punch to their creative content. I’m also sure that Web shooters like YouTubers will also find it as an attractive alternative to the higher cost RED systems.

It also looks like the C200 joins the family outright, rather than replace the entry level C100 Cinematic camera. At the moment, there’s a $1500 rebate, dropping the price to $3900 (no lens) and $2499 (body only, no accessories).

Hat Tip: Cinema5D

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