CineGear 2018: Panavision Announces Expansion of DXL2 Camera System

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Deep inside, the Millennium DXL2 is a marriage of Panavision’s Light Iron color software and RED DSMC2 hardware. And this week at CineGear, the camera company debuted the 8K cinema camera with a new modular expansion of their DSMC2 system, along with several high end cinema prime lenses to boot.

“Millennium DXL2 is the cornerstone of an ever-evolving ecosystem that is designed to improve creative control across every department,” says Michael Cioni, senior vice president of Innovation at Panavision and Light Iron. “By combining the company’s expertise in optics, filters, color science, and post production with strategic partner integrations, we are able to offer filmmakers an entirely fresh image and workflow that is only available within DXL’s ecosystem.”

Coupled with what Panavision calls a “post centric firmware update,” the Millennium DXL2 8K cinema camera will be featured at the Panavision booth at CineGear in the Paramount Studios, and will sport several new add ons including the a dynamically adjustable liquid crystal neutral density (LCND) filter, an industry first.

The LCND can instantly adjust up to six stops of dynamic range in a single clip, making it unnecessary to keep a set of ND filters that must be changed according to the rapidly changing lighting conditions on location.  The LCND starts at 0.3 and goes straight through 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, to 1.8.

The LCND will be available in 2019

Additionally, Panavision is announcing  the DXL-M Accessory kit, which brings many of the popular features from RED’s Monstro, Gemini and Helium sensors into the DXL architecture. Features include DXL control via an iOS app, LiColor2, motorized lens control, wireless timecode ACN, and support for the Primo HDR Viewfinder.

As for prime lenses, Panavision brings their considerable optical expertise to bear with a quartette cinema grade optics in the form of large format spheric and anamorphic lenses. These lenses include:

  • Primo X is the first cinema lens specially designed for use on drones and gimbals. They are fully sealed, weather proof, and counterbalanced to be aerodynamic, and able to easily maintain a proper center of gravity. Primo X lenses come in two primes – 14mm (T3.1) and 24mm (T1.6) – and one 24-70mm zoom (T2.8). Available in 2019. 
  • H Series is a traditionally designed spherical lens set with a glamorous, rounded, soft roll-off, giving a pleasing tonal quality to the skin. Created with true vintage glass and coating, these lenses offer slightly elevated blacks for softer contrast. High speeds separate subject and background with a smooth edge transition, allowing subject to appear naturally placed within the depth of the image. Available now.
  • Ultra Vista is a series of large-format anamorphic optics. Using a custom 1.6x squeeze, Ultra Vista covers the full height of the 8K sensor in the DXL and presents an ultra-widescreen 2.76:1 aspect ratio along with a classic elliptical bokeh and Panavision horizontal flare. Available in 2019.
  • PanaSpeed is a large-format update of the classic Primo look. At T1.4, PanaSpeed will be the fastest large-format lens option available on the market. Available in Q3 2018.

Look for the DXL2 and all these new toys to be on display at the Panavision Booth at CineGear. And follow us on twitter at @doddleNEWS, where we’ll be posting shots as we see them.



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