Cine Gear – Canon Offering C700 Full Frame Upgrade Deal

The Canon C700 Full Frame Sensor Cinema Camera Image Credit - Taylor DeRuvo
The Canon C700 Full Frame Sensor Cinema Camera at Cine Gear 2018.
Image Credit – Taylor DeRuvo

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

If you scooped up a Canon C700 before Lake Success  announced the Full Frame version 2.0 of the top of the line Cinema EOS camera rig, well, the time is perfect for an upgrade. And Canon wants to help with a great bargain as incentive.

“Existing owners of Canon’s original EOS C700 cinema camera will be pleased to know they can have their Super 35mm sensor upgraded to the new Full-Frame sensor for a fee*. Authorized Canon facilities such as Canon Burbank are ready to process C700 upgrades as well as lens mount swaps, and offer equipment drop off, on-site repairs and upgrades, as well as equipment testing and demonstration.” – Canon Press Release

We knew about this upgrade path when the C700 Full Frame was introduced in March, but there weren’t any details then. Now we know how it’s all going to work, and the best thing about it is that until the end of June, C700 users will be able to upgrade to a full frame sensor for just $2500, half the price.  The deal was announced by Tim Smith, Senior Advisor, Film and TV Production for Canon USA at the Cine Gear Panel “Dishful of Dollars — In–depth with the EOS C700 Full Frame,” on Saturday, June 2.

Designed in response to heavy customer requests, Canon developed the EOS C700 FF sensor with an active image area of 38.1 x 20.1mm. The sensor  supports readout at full size, as well as Super 35mm, Super 16mm and anamorphic modes. In addition to full-frame lenses, the sensor can also support from conventional Super 35mm lenses to original 4K / UHD standardized production formats and Super 16mm lenses (with an adapter). There is also 2K / HD production formats in crop modes. An optional Codex CDX-36150 recorder docked onto the back of the EOS C700 FF enables 5.9K 60 fps RAW recording, 4K RAW up to 72 fps (in 24p mode), 4K ProRes up to 60 fps and 2K ProRes up to 168 fps (in Super 16mm mode).

The sensor captures up to 15 stops of dynamic range and a wide color gamut meeting ITU-R BT.2020 standards. This offers broad latitude when grading, especially for HDR video production. The full frame sensor also supports the latest version (1.0) of the ACESproxy, the ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) color management transmission standard.

So any existing Canon C700 cinema camera owner will be able to get a full frame upgrade for just $2500 until the end of June. After which, the full frame sensor upgrade will cost $5,000.  The upgrade must be handled at any authorized Canon facility such as Canon Burbank, which can also process lens mount swaps, on-site repairs and upgrades, as well as equipment testing and demonstration. But you have to get your C700 into the upgrade queue before June 31st, as the upgrade cost will go back up to it’s original $5,000 price tag after that. Contact your local authorized Canon dealer for details.

In other Canon news, the end of an era has arrived as Canon has formerly announced it will not longer be manufacturing film cameras. Technically, Canon stopped building the EOS -1V film camera in 2010, but didn’t formerly announce the end until existing supplies of the camera had sold out.  That day has come, and the announcement formerly closes the eighty year era of Canon making film cameras.

The company will continue repairing the EOS-1V until October 2025, but may choose to cut that window short depending on the available supply of replacement parts, which the company says are in short supply.

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