CineSummit Provides Free Streamed Education for Budding Cinematographers

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)
The old debate that never seems to end is whether you should actually go to film school, or to spend that money in making your first film. Both sides can make a very compelling argument, but while learning by doing has it’s advantages, mistakes can also be costly because there are some things you don’t know, but even worse, you don’t know that you don’t know. So how do you learn the tips and tricks that only a pro can offer? That’s where CineSummit can come in handy.

Our hand picked team of eight world class cinematrographers reveal how you can create superior looking films and amaze your fellow filmmakers. As filmmaking continues to explode in both entertainment and education (plus the cost of professional equipment is coming down) the industry is becoming more and more competitive. You can no longer “rest on your laurels”… the key is watching what the master filmmakers are doing. And that’s exactly why we created the CineSummit, which has quickly become the world’s LARGEST educational event for Filmmakers with over 58,000 attendees expected to attend CS6. –

In its sixth year, CineSummit is an online, two-day master class that brings together eight seasoned professional cinematographers who talk about how they approach a project, break it down, light it, and shoot it. The streamed event is the largest of its kind with nearly 60,000 attendees watching the live stream online. Using real world case studies, the pros will give viewers tips and tricks that can take shooting your project to the next level, even on the smallest budget. And the best part about it is, that CineSummit’s live stream is free to watch.
The Two Day event begins on April 4th, and includes:
April 4th:
• The Five Step Cinematography Checklist. Taught by veteran cinematographer Federico Cantini, who has made a hand living shooting commercials for Coca Cola, Sony and Renault, this seminar will reveal a step by step checklist to get your project done on time and on budget.
• 1 Light Source Cinematography.  When limited to one light, the tips revealed in this class will show how you can get amazing looks with limited available light. Talked by Pierre Gill, CSC (The Colony, Upside Down, Casanova).
• The Lighting Master Class.  For budgets big or small, this class will show how to create powerful lighting whether you are working with a huge budget and can hire a gaffer, or are limited to $100.  Taught by Michael Belcher.
• The Ultimate Lighting Toolbox. This class will highlight how to get the most out of your kit, including reflectors, dimmers, lights and more.  Taught by Michele Brandsetter, AIC
Then, come back on April 5th for:
• Feature Film Backstage Pass. Go behind the scenes of a full feature film shoot. Ideal for those who are thinking of creating their first feature film. Taught by Piero Basso, AIC
• Behind the Scenes of a World-Class Commercial Shoot. This class will offer real world solutions to the problems that crop up during a commercial shoot. Taught by Sloan Inns (Nutralite, Hydra V)
• Getting Big Results with a Tiny Crew (and a DSLR). The real world guide to creating stunning cinematography under any circumstance. Taught by Stefan Von Borbely.
• Bring Your Ideas to Life. When you prepare like a pro, you’ll shoot like a pro. Taught by Fernando Reyes (Elysium, Hyundai, Motorola).
Other sessions include the 28 Lighting Steps, a master class in lighting. The Pre-shoot Checklist. How to replace your art department with Photoshop. The $103 Lighting Kit to light like a pro. Shoot Less, Shoot Better. Finding the Perfect Location, Reflector Hacks, and creating the perfect Cinematic Image.
Many filmmakers have toured the country, and can charge several hundred dollars for such a lineup. The knowledge is quite valuable, but if you can get it from your desktop for free, then I say why not? If nothing else, you can sign up, stream it in the background, and absorb some great wisdom from the set of some of the industry’s hardest working professionals. To sign up, head over to


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