Comic-Con 2018: A Ton of Trailers from Walking Dead, Star Trek, Iron Fist and More!

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Some people like cosplaying at San Diego Comic-Con. Some people like all of the exclusive merchandise that’s available. Me? I love all the brand new trailers for all the exciting upcoming television series and films! So far, we’ve got some great trailers from the upcoming season of Doctor Who and the surprise announcement trailer that Star Wars: Clone Wars is being revived. Find out what other trailers Comic-Con has released so far below!

The Walking Dead

The long running AMC series isn’t running out of steam anytime soon. The Walking Dead continues to be a ratings juggernaut and as the tradition of previous years, the series has released an extended trailer for the next season. Watch it here and below!

Fear the Walking Dead

I’ll admit, I stopped watching The Walking Dead about four years ago and I haven’t seen a single episode of the spinoff Fear the Walking Dead. But both series still seem to have their fair share of fans and the midseason trailer for the spinoff is also ready to go! Check that out here and below.


Teen Titans has been a bright corner of the DC extended universe. Colorful young heroes who… “ah, forget it. Let’s take the series and make it dark,” I imagine some executive said. If you’ve ever wanted to hear Robin utter F* Batman, then this is the series for you. Watch the trailer here and below.


Speaking of dark, here’s a trailer for a new show based on the works of Game of Thrones novelist George R.R. Martin. Nightflyers looks like it will be a cross between The Shining and Event Horizon. Up to this point, the trailers haven’t really interested me but this one actually looks pretty terrifying! Check out the trailer here and below!


Now for something completely, well, similar. YouTube Originals is playing catchup with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime and from the look of their series Origin they look like they’re going head to head with genre inspired television. In fact, I watched this trailer right after Nightflyers and I’ll admit I could easily mistake one for the other. That’s not a bad thing, it just means that we’re getting two sci-fi series set on a starship that may be cursed. Watch the YouTube Original trailer for Origin here and below.

Iron Fist Season 2

Moving back into superhero territory, Netflix has released a trailer for Iron Fist season 2. Now, I’m still of the opinion that Iron Fist season 1 wasn’t great but it definitely had potential. With a new showrunner and more emphasis on the martial arts aspect, it looks like season 2 could be stellar. Watch the Iron Fist season 2 trailer here and below!

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

Is all of that too much darkness and brooding for you? How about a trailer for the upcoming sophomore season of Star Trek: Discovery! The first season of the CBS All Access series was uneven at best and the tone they were going for just didn’t feel right for Star Trek. CBS has unwrapped a look at what the second season has in store and I have to admit—despite how much I am not a fan of Alex Kurtzman—it looks great! Anson Mount feels pitch perfect as Christopher Pike. Here’s the trailer for Star Trek: Discovery season 2 or watch it below!


M. Night Shyamalan pulled the rug from underneath everyone with his last movie Split where it was revealed to be a secret sequel to his second film (and my favorite Shyamalan movie) Unbreakable. With the success of the second film, the director quickly put together the cast of both movies for a third that will round out the trilogy. I wasn’t sure exactly what he was going for until I saw this trailer and it seems like it might be a hell of a lot of fun. Especially since it briefly teases a fight between Dunn and The Beast. Check out the trailer for Glass here and below!

Of all of these trailers I have to say the one that really stands out for me is Star Trek: Discovery. It’s the only one not being coy about the plot but also doesn’t tell you too much about the mystery. Mostly, it seems to take modern sensibilities while trying to regain a lot of the charm of the original series. If it manages to actually pull that off, I promise not to write Kurtzman off at the mere mention of his name. Stay tuned for more trailers as this years San Diego Comic-Con continues!

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