‘Cooke Look’ Comes To DSLR

cookemultiplemounts_canonBy Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Cooke Optics has been producing lenses since 1890, and has gone hand in hand with some of cinemas greatest cinematographic achievements in film history. In fact, the company won a special Academy Award of Merit in 2013 for defining the look of motion pictures over the past century. Effectively, it won an Oscar for film lenses, and developing what has become known as the “Cooke Look”.

While recent Cooke lenses have been strictly PL cinema mount only up to this point, the company has just announced that it will be introducing multiple mounts for its miniS4/i lenses. Here’s what Les Zellan, Chairman and Owner, Cooke Optics, said in a statement:

“The miniS4/i lenses are steadily gaining popularity for many genres of production, since they have all the coveted attributes of Cooke prime lenses in a smaller, lighter and more affordable form. With the introduction of these interchangeable mounts, we can now bring the Cooke Look to many more cameras and productions, giving even more choice to directors of photography.”

The new mounts will be available to view at IBC 2016 this year if you have a chance to be there. The Cooke Optics mounts will fit every focal length in the miniS4/i series of lenses giving DSLR filmmakers and photographers and video camers without PL mounts a nice range of lenses to shoot from. Here are the mounts that will be supported:

  1. Canon EF
  2. Nikon F
  3. Sony E
  4. Micro 4/3

Using them will be pretty simple for current miniS4/i users as you just need to unbolt the PL mount on any of the cine lenses and replace it with a new mount and shim. For new users, the lenses will be available with the mount of their choice from Cooke when they become available on the market.

This move opens up a brand new market to Cooke Optics as well as opens a new selection of lenses to DSLR filmmakers. There is currently no pricing information on the new miniS4/i mounts which will be available sometime in October 2016. Check out Cooke Optics’ site.

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