CoreMelt Announces Planar Based Paint CGI Software for Final Cut Pro

CoreMelt Has launched a new paint utility that leverages the planar tracking power of mocha to do some pretty awesome visual effects and screen composites. Called PaintX, it’s bound to be another great tool inside your growing mocha quiver.

Tracked paint for fixups and clean ups is something I used a lot when I worked as a feature film compositor.  We wanted to bring that power to every editor and at an FCP X friendly price.  So here it is and we think this is our most flexible and useful mocha based tool so far. – Roger Bolton

PaintX gives editors and visual effects artists the tools to quickly and accurately clean up footage and sequences by painting them, rather than resorting to expensive CGI or other visual effects rigging. For those who understand just how powerful mocha integration can be, PaintX will save hours of tedium from your post production and visual effects workflow.

With PaintX, projects can be adjusted by using simple tools such as color, blur, sharpen or warp, with the laser like accuracy of the mocha Planar Tracker within Final Cut Pro X.

PaintX features include:

  • edit every paint stroke in a non destructive fashion with unlimited undo;
  • Tracked clone brush solves a multitude of common problems in seconds;
  • Integrated mocha tracker is accessible in a single button press;
  • Each stroke can have a different track applied to multiple tracks all in one plugin;
  • Copy paste track data from one stroke to another in order to apply different effects with the same track data;
  • Save and restore brush preset shapes and sizes;
  • Easily perform tasks that would otherwise involve preparing images in external image editors.

To help new users to hit the ground running with PaintX, CoreMelt has crafted a number of video tutorials with help of the Final Cut Pro X editing community. The entire library of tutorials is available on Vimeo here.

From plugins in Final Cut Pro X, to the expansion of DaVinci Resolve, it seems to me that the trend now is to merge more visual effects capabilities into your NLE. That can be a great thing when simply trying to do basic clean up work of CGI.

PaintX is available until September 8th at an introductory price of $69 (Coupon Code: PNTXNOW). After which, it’s MSRP will be $99. However, significant discounts can be had by purchasing CoreMelt’s  Everything Bundle (which also includes PaintX) at $279 and its Chromatic + PaintX bundles (use coupon code: PNTXLNCH). For more information or to take advantage of these discounts, please visit

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