Curious New Details for Marvel’s The Inhumans TV Series

inhumans_coverBy Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

One of the more surprising announcements of the past week was that Marvel has an Inhumans television series in development for ABC. Up to that point, it was always assumed that Inhumans would be getting the big screen treatment with Vin Diesel rumored to play the part of Black Bolt, but that is very unlikely to happen now.

The announcement did leave out plot details, but we do know that the the premiere will be filmed exclusively on and screened in IMAX. Now The Hollywood Reporter has revealed a few more details of the upcoming series.

There Will be Only Eight Episodes

The initial run for the series will be only eight episodes, which includes the first two episodes that are being merged into the movie premiering on IMAX. That means you will have seen a quarter of the first season with just those two episodes. There’s no word on whether ABC will order more episodes for the season or not.

IMAX Will Foot the Bill for the Premiere

According to THR, IMAX approached ABC and Marvel to work on something together, and are paying for the first two episodes (!!). Additional scenes for the series set on the Moon will also be shot on IMAX.

We Don’t Know What Inhumans is About, But…

Now that we know at least part of the series will be set on the Moon, it’s pretty certain that the characters being introduced are the Inhuman Royal Family. I can see a possibility where they actually focus on other characters who escape from the Moon, but I find that unlikely. Speaking of which…

Not a Spinoff, and Doesn’t Replace the Feature Film

Surprisingly, it seems that the television series will not replace the planned film, nor will it be a spinoff of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., despite that series featuring Inhuman characters. I have no idea how this series doesn’t replace the film if it features the Inhuman Royal Family, but I assume some kind of backroom discussions happened to make sure no one steps on each other’s toes.

The Premiere Episode will be Longer than the Film

Another strange fact is that the television premiere will be longer than the IMAX version. Considering that an hour of television is around 43 minutes without commercials, that means the IMAX film will be less than 86 minutes, which is short for a feature length comic book movie. I wonder this means ABC will be running a longer-than-usual two hour premiere, since the episode has effectively already been paid for.

THR also revealed that the film will premiere in IMAX on Labor Day weekend 2017. Labor Day that year is on September 4th, placing a premiere date for the film on Friday, September 1st. Assuming that the series will premiere soon after, it might be likely that we’ll see the series premiere as early as the week of September 17th to the 23rd.

Stay tuned for more details on the Inhumans TV series.

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