DaVinci Resolve Tutorial Part 4: Creating A Project

DaVinci ResolveBy Andrew Devis (doodleNEWS)

In this DaVinci Resolve tutorial, I’m going to show you how to easily create a new project.

Double-click the ‘Untitled Project’ tile in DaVinci Resolve to create an unnamed project. If you prefer, hit the ‘New Project’ button at the bottom which then allows you to name the project you’re working on.

Creating A Project
Creating A Project Buttons

I’m going to click the ‘New Project’ button, which gives me the naming option in DaVinci Resolve:

Naming The Project
Naming The Project

That opens up DaVinci Resolve in the ‘Edit’ page with no media imported, and no timeline:

Empty Edit Page
Empty Edit Page

At this point you could simply start to import media and go from there…

Import Media Option
Import Media Option

However, it may help if you instead start by looking at some of your project settings, so that things may be a little easier down-the-line.

We would probably also go to the media page instead and deal with the media there. But, if you do choose to start importing media into your DaVinci Resolve project, here is a word of warning – make sure that the FIRST piece of media you import is from your MAIN CAMERA, as the settings for your project may end up being set by what you import first, such as a lower resolution B-Camera, perhaps set at a different frame rate.

DaVinci Resolve has some preset settings it wants to apply to your new project. But if the media you want to use doesn’t match those preset settings, when you import the first piece of media, you will get this option:

Getting The Settings Right
Getting The Settings Right

Why is this important? Well, to answer that, let me give you an example from my own experience…

I have a client who uses 6 cameras to do multi-camera productions, of which 5 are set to 25 frames per second (fps), and 1 is set to 29.97 fps. When I imported all footage from the cameras, I did it as a group and got the above option, and clicked ‘charge.’ However, when I had done all my work on the project and came to the export options, I couldn’t export at 25 fps, as the project had ended up being set to 29.97, and that was the only option I could use!

If I had paid more attention, I would have made sure that I imported the 25 fps media first, and set the project in DaVinci Resolve to that proper setting, and then imported the 29.97 fps media afterwards – which works just fine.

So, if you get it wrong here, you could end up causing yourself problems down the line.

Another example may be the use of mobile phone footage being imported first, and being used to set the project settings, and also causing problems – especially when it comes to export.

This option to change the settings in DaVinci Resolve is only given to you once with the import of the first piece of media – so be careful to get it right. If you have footage from different cameras, make sure you import a clip from the main camera for the project first.

Please note that this also isn’t something that you can simply delete from the project with a CONTROL + Z (PC) or COMMAND + Z (Mac) and start again with. If you get the settings wrong and delete the footage and try importing the right footage the settings won’t change – you will need to start a completely new project in DaVinci Resolve to get this option to come back again.

In the next DaVinci Resolve tutorial, I’ll talk a little more about evaluating media and getting it into your project.

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