DaVinci Resolve Tutorial Part 27: Basic Titles

Working with Titles in Resolve 15

By Kevin P. McAuliffe

In our previous lesson of our look at learning BlackMagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve, we took our look at animation in Resolve one step further by talking about adjusting Keyframes once they are in our timelines.  In this lesson, I want to move forward with talking about effects work, and talk about basic titling, and how you can add basic Titles to your timelines.

To find the standard Text Generator that we’re going to add to our timelines, we’re going to open up the Effects Library, and navigate to Toolbox>Titles folder, and you’ll now see that you have access to six different types of titles.  We want to work with the standard “T” Text Effect, so once you’ve found it, simply drag and drop it to the top most track in your current Resolve Timeline.

Applying Titles in DaVinci Resolve 15

Once it’s in your timeline, with it selected, you can head back to the Inspector, and once it’s open, you’ll see that you actually do have quite a few different options of parameters you can add to your text including the basics like its size, tracking distance, position and rotation, but you also have access to a few more bells and whistles in the Inspector to give your text a little more flare, such as the ability to add drop shadows, text strokes and one that I found particularly cool was the ability to add a background for your text to make it really stand out from the video below it.

Applying Backgrounds in Titles in DaVinci Resolve 15

Keep in mind that all the parameters in the Text window of the inspector are completely keyframeable, so you can make basic animation of text moving on and off the screen, strokes appearing and disappearing, and even the background transitioning on and off.  What I also like is that if you look at the inspector, you’ll even see that you can head over to the “Video” tab, and still have access to the standard clip-based parameters that are attached to every clip in Resolve, including the Blend/Transfer modes to, again, take your text looks to the next level.

Transfer Modes with Titles in Resolve 15

I’ll be honest with you. This effect is my “go to” effect when it comes to working with text in my Resolve timelines.  If I ever need to take things up a notch, I’m heading into Fusion to create the titles from scratch, with whatever animation I might need.

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