DaVinci Resolve Tutorial Part 39: Working with Curves

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By Kevin P. McAuliffe

In our last lesson, in our series of learning DaVinci Resolve, we talked about VFX Connect Clips, and how to work with them, in conjunction with the full version of Fusion.  In this lesson, we’re going to swing things back around to talking about color correction, and talk about adjusting Curves inside of DaVinci Resolve.

To find your Curves, first, you’ll head to the Color module, and select the shot you want to adjust the Curves for.  Once you’ve done that, navigate to the Curves parameters.

DaVinci Resolve - Curves Parameter

Now, if you’re not familiar with Curves and how they work, it’s fairly straight forward.  When adjusting Lift, Gamma and Gain from other areas of the Color Module, like the Color Wheels, you are making a general adjustment to the Lift (0-30% on the Waveform Monitor), Gamma (31%-65%) and Gain (66%-100%).  Basically those parameters are being adjusted evenly.

Where Curves differs, is that you can adjust any point along the 0%-100% range on the scope, and make extremely finite adjustments to not only the Lift, Gamma and Gain of the Y levels, but also to the individual R, G and B values as well.  As you can see, way more control over the image when working this way. As you can see from the below before and after images, just a simply adjustment to the Red curves levels can make a huge difference.

DaVinci Resolve - After Curves

Dealing with the main YRGB curves is a great place to dip your feet into what this powerful tool and concept can do.  You’ll notice at the top of the Curves window that there are other panels in here to adjust other Curves parameters (Hue vs Hue, Hue vs Saturation, etc)  that we’ll discuss in upcoming lessons.

This is now the point where you’ll begin to notice big changes when it comes to your Scopes.  The RGB parade scope will become your new best friend, as you’ll see all the minor changes you make to the RGB values, displayed very easy to read, right from within this tool that you might not have used that much up until this point.

DaVinci Resolve - Parade Scope

Once you start playing around with Curves, I guarantee you that it will probably be your most utilized tool inside of DaVinci Resolve!

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