This DIY Microphone ShockMount Can Made in Minutes for under $20

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

It’s the worst thing ever. You’re on location and you suddenly realize you forgot your microphone shock mount! How can you record video on your boom mic without it? A simply visit to Home Depot and about $20 and you’ve got a sturdy DIY Shockmount! And you don’t need any tools.

The idea comes from YouTube creator DIY CameraGuy (aka Michael Lohrum) who uses Nite Ize Gear Ties and a few 3/8″ carriage nuts & bolts. If you’re unfamiliar with Nite Ize Gear Ties, they’re basically rubber coated heavy gauge wire that can be twisted and turned into just about any shape, which it can then hold until you twist into something else.  They’re really great for tying up cables, garden hoses, extension cords, you name it, and chances are, you may already have them in your camera bag.

Here are all the materials you need:

  • Nite Ize Gear Ties
    • 36″ (x2) – $5
    • 64″ (x1) – $6
  • 3/8″ -16 bolt
  • 3/8″ -16 coupling nut
  • 3/8″ hex nut

Lohrum took the two X1 grade Nite Ize Ties and bent them in half and then put them together to create a pocket in the middle of the ends. Then he took the 3/8″ Carriage bolt, nut and the coupling nut to create the boom pole mount and inserted that into the end pocket. Then, with the two 36″ X2 Nite Ize Ties, he wraps those tightly around the entire pocket to create a kind of handle. The Nite Ize Ties are really great at holding their shape and keeping the tension so that the handle remains tight around the entire thing. Lohrum even suggests that you can use epoxy or super glue onto the carriage assembly to keep it from working loose.

Once done, it’s a simple matter of taking the other end of the assembly and wrapping it around your blimp or mic shotgun mic, using the dead cat and foam mount to attach it to.  Then you pulling ties apart out into a standard shock mount curved “V” shape to absorb any mic shape.

Lohrum was surprised at just how well it really worked and after using it on several shoots, it still remains good and tight.  You can even wrap the mic cord at the end to keep it in place.

Oh, and if you forgot your gorilla pods, you can use those same ties to create a DIY Gorillapod:

Again, that’s using the same technique of wrapping three 24″ Nite Ize Ties around a bolt, this time a 1/4-20 Carriage bolt, and then attaching a ball head attachment to it.  Five minutes later and you’ve got a pretty good substitute to hold your camera in a pinch.

I really dig the whole idea behind crafting DIY camera gear. Especially when there’s no tools required! What could be simpler? And when done right, it can really perform nearly as well as your professional gear, or at least when you need something in a pinch!

So if you’re into that kind of thing, give DIYCameraGuy a sub. He’s got some great ideas. And we’ve got other great DIY ideas here.


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