DJI Announces New Mobile Drone App, SDK

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

If you’re looking to get the new Phantom 3 Standard, or maybe upgrade to the DJI Inspire 1, or even the professional grade Matrice 100 (when did that show up?), then DJI has some good news for you as their mobile app has been updated to add Android support, as well as other new features including a video editor for sharing your aerial masterpieces on the literal fly.

We’re proud to present the new DJI GO app for users of the latest generation of DJI products including the Phantom 3 Series, Inspire 1 and Matrice 100. This update adds many new, powerful features and combines the functions for all three product lines into one single app –

Built with universal compatibility and upgraded usability in mind, the app is designed as a plug and play app to connect your device to and start flying. It provides Live HD View streaming direct from your camera, and allows you to adjust camera settings and set up the shot with near zero latency.

Video downloading is also automatic, as once the user stops recording, DJI Go begins to off load the video onto your mobile device for easy preview and editing later. This is a lower resolution version, but users can use it as a kind of instant “daily,” and then put together an edited version on the fly to share, or wait until you get to the editing bay and off load the full resolution video file.

The basic mobile editing offers template based designs that enable users to pick the look they want for their videos and within minutes, create a professional looking clip with transitions and music. Users can then upload their creations to SkyPixel, the DJI community video site for aerial photographers and filmmakers around the world. Users can also stream live to YouTube, or upload to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Other features of the DJI Go app include:

  1. Live HD View and On Screen Flight Parameters
  2. Remote Photo and Video Capture with Full Gimbal Control and Manual Camera Settings Controls
  3. Real-time Flight Record
  4. Comprehensive Media Library
  5. “Director” Automatic Video Editor
  6. Instant Photo and Video Sharing
  7. Connecting Creativity with SkyPixel
  8. YouTube Live Streaming Compatibility
  9. Flight Settings Customization and Dynamic Map View
  10. Help Documentation and Video Tutorials

The new DJI Go app also adds support for DJI’s Phantom 3 standard entry level quadcopter, allowing beginning users access to more advanced features as they grow into their unmanned aerial vehicle platform.  But what I think is a really cool feature is the ability to earn DJI store credit towards purchases by participating in DJI’s forums and offering tips and tricks for how to get the most performance out of the DJI platform. That’s really cool.

Users can get the DJI Go app at the iTunes App store, or via Google Play.

In addition, DJI has also made available their latest Guidance software development kit for creating custom apps for the Phantom and Inspire platforms. The Guidance SDK is an open software development platform that makes it possible for developers and businesses to create their own, custom aerial systems and applications based on DJI’s Guidance visual sensing system.

With integrated visual cameras, ultrasonic sensors and an Intel Bay Trail SoC that provides the system with processing power and intelligence, the Guidance is able to autonomously navigate complex environments based on the data captured by its sensors.

You can sign up to be a developer and download the SDK here.

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