Doddle Digest: Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones 5, The Matrix and More!

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Loads of news this week on franchises that I love! Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones 5, and even  the Matrix (not a) reboot. I tend to try and come up with themes for these digests and if I were to pick one I could say “nostalgia”. But let’s be realistic, the theme this week is me jumping up and down with glee and I hope you will be too.

What Actors Want from Marvel Phase 4

We can easily guess which films Marvel Studios will make sequels of after the untitled Avengers 4 film premieres. Doctor Strange 2, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and Black Panther 2 are all but certain. What’s harder to pin down are the films that won’t be sequels. The most obvious one is a Black Widow movie starring Scarlett Johansson who recently spoke about the possibility with Entertainment Tonight. Here’s what she said:

I love playing this character, and I think there is definitely an opportunity to explore the Widow as a woman who has kind of come into her own and is making independent and active choices for herself, probably for once in her life. You know, she hasn’t always had that possibility so if it fit that criteria, then yes, I would want to do it.

Screenwriter Jac Schaffer has already been hired to pen a script for a Black Widow movie and she’s a fan favorite so I’d be far more surprised if this movie doesn’t get made. A more surprising idea comes from Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie who also spoke with Entertainment Weekly here and here (via Syfy Wire) about a Falcon/Winter Soldier spinoff. Here’s what Stan said he’d love to see the possible movie be like:

To me, it’s like Martin Brest film classic, Midnight Run, you know. It’s really just sort of in my head, like 48 Hours or a buddy comedy from the ’80’s or ’90’s.

Mackie also thinks it would be a great idea saying:

A spin-off would be great, but it would be like Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours, that would be our spinoff. It would end up with us beating the crap out of each other three or four times, I know it.

I never knew how much I want to see this movie until they described it like that. The two of them in Captain America: Civil War were one of the highlights. I’d love to see a full length feature film of just the two of them in the back of a small car — never mind a full on Marvel movie.

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV Series Will Be Insanely Expensive

A report out of Reuters has pegged the two seasons of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings at a mindbogglingly $500 million dollars. From the sound of it, it does include the $250 million Amazon spent securing the rights from the Tolkien estate so each season of the new show will cost only $125 million each — which still places it at more expensive than any single season of Game of Thrones. For perspective sake, the Lord of the Rings trilogy cost $281 million for all three movies ($400 million in today’s dollars). Amazon is not playing around and as for what the series will actually be about, I have some guesses.

Here’s When Indiana Jones 5 Will Shoot

It’s been a decade (seriously, it’s been that long) since the lacklustre Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull premiered. While the film did well at the box-office, it wasn’t very well received by fans who have wanted a better send off for the character. Now we know when director Steven Spielberg plans to shoot the next movie telling ComingSoon.Net when and where the next sequel will be shot:

It’s always worth the trip when I get to work with this deep bench of talent coming out of the UK. The actors, and the crew, the chippies, the sparks, the drivers — everybody who has helped me make my movies here, and will continue helping me make my movies here when I come back in April 2019 to make the fifth Indiana Jones movie right here.

This will be the first Indiana Jones movie made without George Lucas’ input. Whether fairly or not, he was singled out as the driving problem for Crystal Skull so we’ll see if a movie made without him will be better.

What’s the Status on The Matrix Not-a-Reboot?

As far as ideas that could either be really good or terribly misguided go, a Matrix revival is probably right up there. The original movie is a classic while the sequels weren’t very good. However, some of the Animatrix companion shorts were quite fantastic and really expanded the franchise. Last year we heard that Zak Penn was hired to write a new film set in the Matrix universe and that it wouldn’t be a reboot. Since then, we haven’t heard much but Penn was asked by ScreenRant what the status of the project was. Here’s what he said:

I’ve been working on Matrix right now. Which is in…a phase right now. That’s a franchise I desperately want to see brought back and, I can’t go in to too much detail, but I’ve been harassing Warner Bros. for years to try to get it going again so that’s one thing I’m working on and I’ve been working on a bunch of other things too.

It’s good to know that work is progressing but as far as what the film will be about, that’s not much to go on. The only information we have to go on is that the film won’t be a remake and that there was a rumor of Michael B. Jordan being attached to the project as possibly a young Morpheus. Personally, I’m not sure what I would want in a Matrix revival but what I would really like is something that would fix Reloaded and Revolutions.

The most I can say about this news of Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, and confirmation of when Indiana Jones 5 will shoot is this: it is a very good time to be me.



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