doddleDIGEST: Justice League, Star Trek: Picard, and New Mutants

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

This week we get quite a lot of quotes about some big properties. Zack Snyder finally opens up about the criticism his DC films has received and what he originally planned for Justice League. Meanwhile, Alex Kurtzman dropped a bit more on the Star Trek: Picard series and Maisie Williams gives us an update on New Mutants.

Zack Snyder Talks DC Films

If you ask me, Zack Snyder was one of the main culprits in the mess that tried to kick off a shared DC films universe. He, along with Warner Bros., wanted to ape what Christopher Nolan accomplished with his Dark Knight trilogy, but instead made a bit of a mess. Snyder has remained mum for a while but recently, he finally came out swinging. First up, he defended the infamous “Martha” scene (via ScreenRant):

We knew how to get them to fight, right? But how do you get them to stop fighting? That’s a tough one. And we sort of were just throwing down on their humanity and Batman realizes Superman has humanity, he’s not just a creature, he’s a man — he’s an alien, but he is as human as, in a lot of ways, he’s more human than him, right? He’s sort of embraced all the good parts of the human race, and so Batman’s able to sort of see, in a lot of ways, a thing that he is not. And I think that was how we started to talk about it… Then we started to talk about how it could work, and if it was Lois (Amy Adams) that said it, maybe it’s better, it’s that kind of thing. Look, it’s a mythological construct, I have no problem with that part of it.

Snyder also defended a murderous Batman saying (via The Playlist):

Someone says to me, ‘Batman killed a guy.’ I’m like, ‘f***, really? Wake the f*** up…I guess that’s what I’m saying. Once you’ve lost your virginity to this f***ing movie and then you come and say to me something about like, ‘My superhero wouldn’t do that.’ I’m like, ‘Are you serious?’ I’m like down the f***ing road on that.

It’s a cool point of view to be like, ‘My heroes are still innocent. My heroes didn’t f***ing lie to America. My heroes didn’t embezzle money from their corporations. My heroes didn’t f***ing commit any atrocities.’ That’s cool. But you’re living in a f***ing dream world.

I can’t help but feel this kind of proves Snyder was very much the wrong person for the job of shepherding the DCEU. First of all, superheroes exist as a form of escapism— a dream world if you will— so you can’t be surprised when fans expect that from your movie. And if by “lost your virginity to this f***ing movie” means it was kind of awkward, confusing, and not very good, then I guess maybe he’s a bit more aware of what he created.

Jokes aside, Snyder also revealed that his take on Justice League never made it to camera (via SyFy Wire):

The original Justice League that Chris [Terrio] and I wrote, we didn’t even shoot. There’s a lot of it that we shot [but] the actual idea, the hard, hard idea, the scary idea, we never filmed because the studio was like, ‘That’s crazy.’ And we were so insecure at the time after [Batman v Superman] came out, we were just like, ‘I guess it is crazy. We’re f—in’ nuts. There’s gonna be mass hysteria in the streets if we film this.

All in all, I think Snyder overestimated how much people wanted his dark take on DC’s heroes. Perhaps this was all for the best in the long run.

Alex Kurtzman Talks Star Trek: Picard Series

I have not been kind to Alex Kurtzman, who has been in charge of Star Trek on the small screen and a key figure in J.J. Abrams’ Kelvin timeline reboot. However, since taking the lead for Star Trek: Discovery season 2 he has really fixed a lot that was wrong with that series.  Admittedly, he’s fixing what he helped break in the first place, but it does seem like he’s come to understand what Star Trek should be.

In an interview with Deadline, Kurtzman opened up about his other Trek series in development, namely, the untitled series which will see Patrick Stewart reprise his role as Jean-Luc Picard. Here’s what Kurtzman said:

Here’s what I will tell you: I had an amazing experience yesterday. I sat at Patrick’s kitchen table and I heard him read the first episode and I almost cried. It was quite something. He’s at an amazing place in his life. He’s so excited. It’s going to be a very different show from Discovery. The only way this universe, I think, works correctly is if each show is really different and speaks to a different part of Star Trek.

This is going to be a very thoughtful, psychological portrait in a lot of ways. We all know what Picard means to the world and why he, like so many legendary characters on Star Trek, has endured and what he’s represented. He in some ways has to go through a gauntlet to find that again. Things have changed for him and changed him in some ways, and yet he is so deeply and fundamentally still Picard. We’re thrilled at what we’re going to deliver. I know Patrick is really excited. The cast is coming together beautifully. And I will give you nothing else.

Still not much to go on but it sounds like it will be a series where we will meet a very different Picard. We’ve never really explored a retired Starfleet officer (which I’m assuming will be the case), so there is a lot of things it can explore we’ve never seen in a Star Trek series before.

When Will We See New Mutants?

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be hitting theaters soon but another mutant film seems to be up in the air: New Mutants.

In an interview with Game of Thrones stars Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner (who are in New Mutants and Dark Phoenix, respectively), Williams confirmed to Rolling Stone that the New Mutants reshoots have yet to happen:

Who knows when the f*** that’s gonna come out. [There were supposed to be reshoots] make it scarier [that never happened]. Hopefully this interview will make everyone hurry up a little bit!

This corroborates what The Hollywood Reporter noted earlier this month that no reshoots have taken place. The film has already been pushed from an April 2018 release to an August 2019 release but with no plans to reshoot, it will almost certainly be delayed further.

Compounding that is the Disney acquisition of Fox which will inevitably fold the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so New Mutants being shelved is a definite possibility.

There are also rumors that the film is a complete disaster and will not even make it to theaters. Rather, it may premiere on Disney+ or Hulu. Whatever the case, things are not looking good for this movie.

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