doddleREVIEWS: Larry Jordan Looks at YoYotta ID for Archiving

By Larry Jordan

YoYottaID is software that allows you to index, track, backup, transcode, conform, archive and restore media and other project files.

I’ve heard about YoYottaID for years, but have never worked with it until I borrowed an mLogic mTape LTO-drive, which came bundled with YoYotta. After working with the software for a few days, here are my impressions …

YoYotta ID is powerful software for media archiving and transcoding hampered by a very awkward interface. Unless you use it daily, you’ll need to create notes reminding yourself how to use it. However, once you learn the interface, there is very little in media management that YoYotta does not appear to handle.

YoYotta is modular. The base package supports media backups to hard drives, indexing media into local databases and searching for files. LTO tape support requires YoYotta LTFS which is £360 or a £200 upgrade. Other modules are available for handling automated tape libraries, conforming media from an archive into a project, and transcoding media.


YoYotta does a lot! Depending upon the modules you purchase, YoYotta can:

  • Index, backup and track camera media to hard disks
  • Index, backup, track and restore all project files to LTO tape
  • Find media needed for a project in a backup or archive, copy it to your hard disk and link it into an existing project (Conform)
  • Transcode media into a wide variety of camera formats – ARRI, Sony, RED, Canon and GoPro – into a wide variety of media formats: DPX, MOV, MP4, MXF.
  • Handle CDL file processing, 3D LUTs, resizing images, creating DPX sequences, and audio processing for DPX files.

Read more of Larry’s review here.

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