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doddleREVIEWSRodeVideoMicMeBy James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

The microphone on the iPhone has gotten better, a lot better, but let’s face it, it’s primarily still a mobile phone microphone with noise cancellation built in. It makes it sound pretty good to making a phone call, but for shooting video, it’s still not much better than your camcorder’s microphone. What can be done about that? How about a dedicated directional microphone made by RØDE — the VideoMic Me.

rode_videomic_me_directional_mic_1443195363000_1186598About the size of a tube of lipstick, the VideoMic Me packs a pretty large punch. It plugs into to the headphone hack of your mobile device and then there’s this nifty sleeve that goes over that to kind of lock the mic into place so it doesn’t turn or become unplugged due to it’s own weight.

That’s a very clever design feature that I’m glad to have along for the ride, although I kinda wish it was attached by some sort of leash so it doesn’t get lost, as loose additional parts so often do. It wouldn’t require much either, just a simple hole, and then one of those little tiny lanyards like the ones that come attached to a mini stylus for your mobile phone or mini tablet. Pennies, I say. But still, great feature and I like it.

videomic_me_-_ibc_wireIn addition, the VideoMic Me comes with a fantastic dead cat (they really need to call that a tribble) which holds down on wind noise. I didn’t see it in all the PR images that RØDE sent out to us technorati types, and when it came along with the mic, I was pretty impressed. It’s rather bushy and slips firmly onto the microphone.

But you have to make sure that you securely seat it in place, otherwise it can easily become a bit loose and move around, which would breed mic noise. So make sure you’re not in a hurry and place it on gently but firmly. Or, since the deadcat comes already put on the VMM, just leave it on. Don’t take it off to look at your mic.

At first, since it’s pretty bushy I thought for sure I’d have to crop out the ends of it while editing my video footage, but RØDE has really crafted this down to the millimeter. You don’t see it in the mobile phone’s field of view at all, which shocks me, because it’s about the size of my fist and still doesn’t show up on screen.

Other features include:

  1. Lightweight Lip stick size at Only 1.2 Ounces
  2. Flexible Mounting Bracket
  3. 1/8-inch TRRS Connector
  4. 1/8-inch Headphone Jack on Rear
  5. Includes Furry Windshield

One last feature of the VideoMic Me that shows that RØDE really thought this device out is the headphone output socket for audio monitoring. This is a very important feature, especially if you’re doing interviews, and it gives users the ability to hear the sound as it’s being recorded by the microphone and hear just how crystal clear it is.

When I did some recording of my son’s band competition last week, I listened to a few songs with the headphones of how the VideoMic Me was recording, and then took the headphones out to listen to the natural live sounds. I couldn’t hear any hiss at all, even during the quiet moments, so it does a great job filtering out that annoying mic noise that comes from lesser models.

Cost of the RØDE VideoMic Me is $59, but it would be an easy bargain at $99. All told, I think the RØDE VideoMic Me is an ideal addition to their family of professional grade microphones for the mobile filmmaker.

Whether you’re using the VideoMic Pro or the RØDElink Wireless system with your DSLR, or you’re stuck with just your smartphone to get an impromptu interview through the RØDE SmartLav or the pocket sized VideoMic Me, you can be assured you’re going to get high quality, usable sound for your project. For recording HD and 4K video on your mobile device, it’s really that good.


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