FilmConvert Adds C300 MK II Camera Profile

c300iicamprofileBy James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

FilmConvert has added another camera profile to their color grading and grain application. This time it’s the Canon C300 MK II, and it comes with Log 3 support to boot.

“We’ve had lots of requests for the Canon C300 Mark II… For those of you who shoot in Log, the FilmConvert Camera Profile includes the latest Canon Log 3 profiles, which were just added last month.” – FilmConvert

filmconvert camera profiles
Current camera profiles

FilmConvert is on a roll lately. I think this is maybe the sixth or seventh camera profile they’ve added in the last few months? Just last week they added profiles for Kinefinity cameras, and before that it was DJI getting the love. Then the URSA finally got a profile. Plus GoPro, ARRI, Sony’s FS line, and they keep adding more.

“The large number of built-in camera profiles allow you get the precise look you want, whether you are shooting in log or rec709. Also, these profiles allow you to match the color grade of different cameras more easily on multi-cam shoots. Simply, no other grading software gives such great results with such little work.” – Mark Wyatt, Winner of FilmConvert Competition 2014

FilmConvert comparison
FilmConvert comparison

But I haven’t seen them add so many this frequently. Now, Canon is back on deck with a its 12th profile, this time for the Canon C300 MK II, which supports a wide array of codecs and profiles including 4K Raw, Log 2 and 3, H.265 and XF-AVC. With 15 stops of dynamic range and 10 bit 422 color and 12 bit 444 at up to 410 MBps, Canon’s mid range cinema camera also supports ACES and REC 2020 HDR workflows. That gives users a lot of latitude to play with the post production workflow and really fine tune the color profile.

“We work with a wide range of popular cameras to deliver the most precise picture profiles available,” the website says. “We then use those profiles to match to your chosen film stocks to create a stunning and accurate result, allowing authentic Film Stock looks across a wide range of cameras and settings.”

filmconvert3So for FilmConvert to finally offer a camera profile for users is a big deal as they’ve been getting a lot of requests for FilmConvert to do so. Using more than 20 different film stocks including the Kodak Vision 3 series, Fuji H300 Pro, Velva and Super X, as well as numerous black and white negatives, the color grading and grain utility can dial in the proper look thanks to a complex grain algorithm that doesn’t just put a layer of grain on top of the image, but calculates that impact on the underlying colors as if the grain was directly within the matrix, just like regular film.

The FilmConvert bundle offers:

  1. Cross Platform
  2. Adobe Plugin (+Photoshop)
  3. Final Cut Pro
  4. OFX Plugin: DaVinci Resolve, Scratch, Sony Vegas
  5. Avid Media Composer Plugin
  6. FilmConvert Stand-Alone

FilmConvert is available as a free 30-day watermarked trial, and you can download it here. Afterwhich, you’re bound to want to pick up the whole package, since the stand alone license is $149 with each camera profile costing an additional $50. So why not buy the whole thing at but at only $220 and get every profile they have?

And as you can plainly see, they’re very active in adding even more profiles.

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