FiLMiC Pro Releases New Updates For The iPhone and DJI Osmo

FiLMiC Pro Updateby James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

FiLMiC Pro has been updated, not once but twice, to support the different features available with the iPhone 7 Plus and the DJI Osmo Mobile Handheld Stabilizer. The updates include direct control of devices and some great new “game changing production value.” What could do all that? Let’s take a look.

filmic-osmomobile_1920 FiLMiC Pro UpdateThe first update, vs. 5.3, which came out on September 1st, was for the OSMO Mobile and gives the OSMO direct control of FiLMiC Pro features including  Start/stop record, focus/exposure lock, and focus pulls.  Yes that’s right, FOCUS PULLS! Who says you can’t use a video camera app to pull focus?

Other feature updates in vs. 5.3 include support for FiLMiC Pro’s Remote app, which has been re-released as version 2.0.  Through this app, you can connect and control FiLMiC Pro from a second iPhone and make changes remotely to focus, exposure, white balance, torch, zoom and record. The really cool thing is that you can do a multi camera style shoot with a virtually limitless number of devices including iPad and even old iPod Touch devices.


Ver. 5.4, which was released at the end of September, offered continued support of the Osmo with focus and exposure lock, focusing pulling directly through the hardware menu as well as the hardware interface. But it also brings along support for the iPhone 7.

“With the announcement of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, our development team immediately began work to support the new dual lens option on the iPhone 7 Plus,” the app update says.

For the new iPhone 7 Plus with its iSight dual lens camera array. With the iPhone 7 plus, shooters have the choice to choose which of the dual lenses in the 7 Plus you want to use, as well as zooming between the two. There’s also a “selfie” option through the forward Quicktime camera.

To use FiLMiC Pro to change access of the 7 Plus lens array, users merely tape on the Action slider, choose the camera icon, and then select between the available camera/lens options. Full manual controls and digital zoom capabilities are available on the Wide and Tele lenses.

The Zoom option allows you to not only change between the wider angle and 2x optical zoom, but then to digitally zoom from 2-7x beyond the focal length of the 2x lens. The downside here though is that since FiLMiC Pro doesn’t support manual changes in the digital zoom range, that you’ll be locked into focus, exposure and white balance. So you’ll want to make those adjustments before zooming accordingly. That can be especially important if you’re trying to pull focus. You wont’ be able to. Yet.

Lastly, vs. 5.5 provides some housekeeping fixes that include Adobe Premiere and Windows compatibility has been improved. However, the change required the default audio codec to be changed from AIFF to PCM, and are still available. FiLMiC cautions that AIFF shouldn’t be used if you’re planning to export to Adobe Premiere on the Windows platform. There’s also been improvements to the focus reticle for more accurate and smooth actuation.

All these updates have been rolled into vs. 5.5, which is available in the iTunes App Store, along with vs. 2.0 of FiLMiC Pro Remote. Sadly, no Android app support yet. For more information, visit iTunes here [affiliate link] or FiLMiC Pro’s site.

Check out this comparison between the iPhone 7 and a $50,000 RED (by Parker Walbeck):

On a personal note, I just love how FiLMiC Pro continues to push the envelope of what the iPhone camera can do. It’s turning a mobile phone into a serious cinema option for the low budget filmmaker, and the more powerful the iPhone gets, the more FiLMiC Pro pushes it.


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