FiLMiC Pro Ver. 6 Includes 4K LOG Mode, Arc Sliders, Focus Peaking And More

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Update: FiLMiC Pro ver. 6 is now available. You can grab it on the iTunes Store.

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Mobile Filmmakers are about to get a host of new professional features in FiLMiC Pro that will make shooting on a mobile device even more valuable. FiLMiC Pro has been giving us a sneak peak over on Facebook of what’s to come, and it’s pretty exciting. Through a completely redesigned and more intuitive interface, everything from LOG to False Color, Focus Peaking, and more comes to the quiver.

LOG Mode. Probably the biggest update in Version 6 is the ability to shoot in 4K LOG with a higher bit rate and even higher frame rate. By adding LOG to FiLMiC Pro, filmmakers can now shoot 4K at 24 fps with a bit rate of 100 Mbps shooting in wide aspect ratio. That’s cinematic to be sure.

The LOG Mode / Flat option also enables grading using the application of a Look Up Table (LUTs) which can then convert it to Rec 709, which will gives the image some remarkable high dynamic range. Color graders may have to crush the blacks a bit to avoid inviting noise to the party, but all in all, FiLMiC Pro’s LOG Mode is very similar to Sony’s SLog 3.

Arc Sliders. FiLMiC Pro has redesigned the interface to incorporate manual sliders, configured in an arc array, that gives filmmakers finite control over focus and exposure. With a simple swipe in from either end, you can activate them. A chief feature of the sliders is that both can be used in concert to adjust the look of both exposure and focus at the same time. Swiping the screen back out to the edge closes the sliders and locks their settings in place. These features also come into play with other features we’ll discuss next.

Focus Peaking. Enabled by turning on the live analytics feature (the big “A” icon on the bottom left side), focus peaking can then be adjusted by swiping the right hand arc slider and using the focus slider to adjust. You’ll notice your subject image will then have a green outlines for critical focus, enabling the image to dial in fine grain sharpness, which is critical in 4K — if focus is off a little, it could look terrible at that resolution. You can also select the focus peaking icon at the top, which will then desaturate the image, and dial in the sharpness and detail even further.

Live Analytics. In addition to Focus Peaking, the Live Analytics feature also opens up other features which includes zebras to indicate over and under exposures, a clipping overlay to identify areas of over exposure that clip the image (in red) and shadows (in blue) so you can adjust them accordingly, and false color to further adjust proper exposure. Using these three together, you can really dial in your exposure image to get the best possible dynamic range, especially when shooting in LOG.

ISO Bias. When having the exposure slider on the right engaged, you can adjust the ISO to control the level of noise in your image as you capture. There are three dots in the middle of the exposure slider window, which is where you adjust the ISO bias. It then goes in three levels and when you select your desired level, the app will then calculate an ISO/Shutter speed combination that doesn’t go beyond that set value, thereby giving you control over the noise and still keep the best possible image quality.

FiLMiC Pro is already the standard for shooting professional quality, cinematic video from the mobile platform, but this latest update insures that it stays at the top of the pyramid for some time to come. Version 6 will be available in the iTunes App Store beginning March 16th. Google Play hasn’t updated yet.

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