Filmmaker Discovers Sony α7s Can Use Canon Batteries

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

While some users of the Sony α7s marvel at the dynamic 4K goodness of this full-frame mirrorless camera, others hate the fact that the battery life is relatively poor. Sure, you can use the AC adapter or buy extra batteries, but it would be cool to use all those old Canon batteries you have lying around. Well one filmmaker was able to use his old Canon batteries with his Sony α7s, for about $40.

“I had all these old Canon LP-6 batteries lying around that I couldn’t use anymore. But the thought occurred to me that external monitors allow you to use different batteries to power them. So I went on Amazon and found a DC output cable (for a Canon battery) and plug it into a dummy battery that’s an AC adapter. And it powers right up.” – Tim Johnson, Whitespace Films

Johnson also used made up a kluge that consisted of a 10,000 mAh external battery charger from XT Power, and a 20,000 mAh charger from Anker, which he was able to plug into the same dummy battery adapter and power the α7s that way as well. It gave him power for the entire day. But he found it to be heavy and ungainly, so he sought a more compact option. He also felt that while it served its purpose, it doesn’t really look as professional as he liked.

The heart of Johnson’s vs. 2.0 setup is a Neewer AC Power supply adapter for the Sony α7s for $20, that looks like a dummy battery with a power cord sticking out of it. Neweer makes some pretty slick, low cost options like this, and Johnson was able to place the dummy power supply into the α7s, and then connect the Canon LP-E6 mounting plate (another $20) on top of his camera cage (with a bit of modifications and some handy velcro).

He then plugs the Canon battery in that, and connect it to the dummy battery, and voila! The Sony α7s turns on! Not only that, but the Canon’s LP-E6 offers two to three times more battery life for the α7s than the original Sony battery.

“I let the camera run to see if it gave me some extra run time, and it did,” Johnson said. “I let it record using (a Canon battery) for about an hour and a half and only used up half the battery. So I could potentially have up to three hours of run time.”

Here’s a breakdown of the equipment he used:

AC adapter (dummy battery) for Sony a7s:

Anker 20,000 mAh battery from original rig:

XT Power 10,000 mAh external battery:

Canon LP-E6 mounting plate:

Johnson also used a low cost camera cage to mount everything on. That cage was the FHugen Authentic Brand Honus v. 2.0 with HDMI Clamp Kit. You can see it here.

Check out the video below for more information on how he put it all together.  I’m sure that it’s likely going to technically void a warranty, but still, they probably have the same power needs, so the risk would be pretty minimal. What do you guys think? Would you put this together and mix your batteries?

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